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Have all your travelling to Greece arranged hassle free

You would like to come to Greece and visit
a few islands and Athens but you are overwhelmed
with information and you dont know where to start.


Most people are coming to Greece and they like to visit a few islands and Athens, but they are overwhelmed with information. They dont know which places it is best to visit and how to set up their stay in each place according to the total days that they have availiable.

Moreover, it is a nightmare to try and book airplane tickets , ferry tickets and tranfers to and from the ports  as well as tours in each island and in Athens. It is also difficult to try and find all the itineraries and compine them in order to get to different islands. Sometimes they would like some guided tours in the islands or Athens and it is hard to find all these information and you are always worrying about the reliability off the providers in each place and their ability to provide on time.

It requires tens of hours, sometimes hundrends of hours in the internet researching, learning more about each place and after that finding the providers of services, and then keeping fingers crossed and hope that the providers of a tour or transfer are reliable. Travellers also need someone to answer all their querries about Greece and their visit to Greece. They need a travel advisor to set everything up and be there in every step to help them, also they want a travel advisor to advice them on which are the best places they can visit according to their schedule.

We as a Greek travel Guide have all the knowledge and co-operate with the best and trusted providers of each service in Greece, we can also provide inside information on every destination and help you make your journey and at the same time you can have our "local advice" on your disposal to help you have it all planned and to solve problems as they arise.

So come on talk to the experts and make your visit to Greece the best it can be.