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Visit greece is the number one informative website for the beauties of the Greek islands, the archeological sites and museums and the amazing Greek beaches. "Visit Greece" allows you to have a quick, but detailed enough glance in order to decide about your holidays in Greece.
      Your holidays to Greece could be a unique experience and before you travel to Greece you could be informed about the weather in Greece, about the best beaches in Greece, you could see Greece and its various regions on the map and by combining all this information you could decide the best place for you to visit in Greece. This site is a  travel guide of Greece that will provide you with all that information.
      Nevertheless information about museums, archeological sites, churches and Byzantine monuments will be provided for each region. Last but not least practical information about restaurants, shopping, activities, transportation and nightlife in every place will be provided. "Visit Greece" will allow you to gather all this information about every region of Greece. Crete, Mykonos, Santorini, Kos, Rhodes, Athens and lots of wonderful places all await you to learn about them before hand and make the best out of your visit.