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In the article that follows you can find useful information about Greece  travel.
Practical information about holidays in Greece
TELEPHONE: Τhe cheapest way to make phone calls is to buy a phone card from Kiosks (periptera) and use it in phone booths or Kiosks.

POSTS: Post offices are marked in bright yellow and so are the post boxes.

CHURCH VISITS AND MONASTERIES: Dress respectfully, long trousers for men and dresses bellow knee height for women. In monasteries women must ware skirts (below knee height, no trousers).

EMBASSIES IN GREECE: Εmbassies contact numbers can be found

BUS SCHEDULES: You can be informed about Bus schedules in the web site OASA (Athens Urban Transportation System) as far as concerns Athens. If you are in an island, then usually you will find the offices of the Local busses (ask for astika) in the capital’s center where they will inform you about the routes and timetables of the buses. It should be noted that from Athens airport there is a 24 hour service to the city center Syntagma square. The bus number is X95 and the trip lasts 70-90 minutes.

ACCOMMODATION: Accommodation in Greece can be confusing due to the large number of hotels that are availiable in each place, if you are planning to visit a city like Athens you will have to choose between the city center and the suburbs which can be confusing because you do not have sufficient knowledge of the city to do that. If you would like to visit an island you should also have to choose between the island capital and other villages, every village can cater your needs in a different way and again you need “inside knowledge” to deside what is best for you. One of the better ways to find accommodation in Greece is through a website that is a booking engine and provides sufficient information on every hotel in order for you to decide.

FERRY TICKETS: If you need ferry tickets you can e-mail us at and we can inform you about schedules and even send you the tickets by courier. You can learn about the ferries schedules in the dialog box also by asking and you can arrange there to buy the tickets and to be send to you by courier.

ELECTRIC CURRENT: The standart is 220 volt (50Hz). Appliances for America need a transformer and British appliances need an adaptor.

TIME: Time is 2 hours ahead of Greenwich Time, an hour ahead of Central European Time and seven hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time. If you want to know what the time in Greece is you can call from Greece 14844 or 003014844 from another country.


New years Day: 1 January, many shops remain closed in 2nd January also.

Epiphany: January 6. A ceremony is conducted where a priests in ports through crosses in the sea and young people dive to retrieve them.

Ash Monday: 41 days before Easter.

Good Friday: Every church decorates an Epitaphios (Bier) and at night epitaphios processions are followed by people with litten candles.

Ressurection (Anastasi): Celebrations with fireworks and crackers.

Easter Day: People eat lamp.

Assumption of the virgin: 15th August

October 28: Parade celebration of the rejection of the Italian ultimatum in 1940.

Christmas: December 25-26th


CREDIT CARDS: All major credit cards are accepted in mnost hotels, shops, restaurants, car rentals, travel agencies. Credit card theft report numbers


24 hour service

Tel.: 210 9503673

American Express Mon-Fri.:08:30-16:00

Sat.: 08:00-13:00

Tel.: 210 3244975

24 hour service

Tel.: 00 441273526840

Citicard (Citibank)

24 hour service

Tel.: 210 9290000


24 hour service

Tel.: 210 9290200


24 hour service

Tel.: 210 9503673

Visa International

24 hour service

Tel.: 210 9503673 Tel.: 00 800 11 6380304


ATHENS METRO: Information about the Athens metro can be found in

SUBURBAN RAIL AND TRAINS: It can get you from Athens airport to Pireaus where most ships leave for Greek islands. That and general info about trains can be found in .

TAXIS: Taxi fares are among the cheapest in Europe. The meter must be turned on once you enter. It is illegal (although common practice) for taxis to pick up other passengers on the same ride, although the ride is not shared among passengers ( in money terms). Each passenger pays separately for his ride.

WEATHER: Greece is famous for its sunny days which appear all year long and are very often. Winders from mid November to mid March can present one digit Celsius temperatures. January and February ate the rainiest months. In the summer the temperature ranges from 28 Celsius (80 Fahrenheit) to 38 Celsius (100 Fahrenheit).

3 Celsius a typical heavy winter temperature is 37 Fahrenheit, but most winder days are warmer that this. Autumn and fall are very mild.

PEDESTRIANS: with the exception of the airport, cars tend not to stop in pedestrian crossing so be careful and look both ways. Some times some drivers may cross a red light so be careful.

CRIME: Greece is generally a very safe place to be, crime rates are among the lowest in Europe, most crimes cause only inconvenience to the visitors however we do not recommend crossing deserted streets at 3 AM. Most incidences involve pick pockets in crowded places so beware. Always have your backpacks in front of you.


NATIONAL OPERA, 59 Akadimias, Athens, 210 361 1516

NATIONAL THEATRE, Ag Konstantinou & Koumoundourou sts, Athens, 210 522 0585

MEGARON MOUSIKIS CONCERT HALL, Vas Sofias & Kokkali sts, Athens, 210 728 2333

MEGARON MOUSIKIS THESSALONIKI 25th Martiou St and Paralia tel 2310-895800

Irodion (Herod Atticus) Theatre, Dionyssiou Areopagitou St, Athens: for events contact the Greek Festival box-office,39 Panepistimiou St, tel 210 322 1459 or the Irodion Theatre box-office, tel 210 323 2771

Lykavittos Theatre, Athens: for events contact Tickethellas at 210 618 9300 or the Lykavittos box-office at 210 722 7233

Ancient Epidavros Theatre, Peloponnese: contact archaeological site at 27530 22006 or the Greek Festival box-office for summer events at tel 210 322 1459

Ancient site of Delphi: for events contact the European Cultural Centre of Delphi at tel 210 331 2781-5

Theatre of Ancient Olympia, Peloponnese: archaeological site tel 26240 23778

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