Best beaches in greece

Greece with its extended coast line is a country that has plenty of beaches to offer to the visitor. There are many beaches that fit into the best beaches in Greece category, beaches that offer crystal water, tropical surrounding, excellent sand. We gathered for you the 10 best beaches in Greece along with a video of each beach in order to see for your self the beauty that you can enjoy by coming to Greece.


Balos beach: It is located 60 km north west of Chania town; it is one of the nicest beaches with white sand and emerald waters. This beach is accessible by bad truck road from Kaliviani near Kissamos, there is also access by excursion boat by Kissamos.


Porto Katsiki beach: it is located 45 km south west of Lefkada town. It is a long beach of small rounded peddles, sand colored. There is a car parking and a cantina near the beach. The road to the beach is narrow and there are several steps that need to be descended to get to the beach. It is one of the most beautiful beaches of the island, impressive sceneries, it is very popular and it is frequented by thousands. There are also taxi boats to get you there from Vasiliki and Nydri.


Navagio beach: it is located in the North West part of Zakynthos. It is a very famous beach; the remains of a ship are buried in the sand. You can expect emerald waters. The beach can be accessed with tourist boat that leaves every hour from Porto Vromi.


Agios Prokopios beach: it is located 6km west of Chora. It is one of the best beaches of the island. There are water sport centers as well as tourist facilities by the beach. The beach is partly organized. There is a small village nearby with hotels, restaurants, Cafes and bars.


Koukounaries beach: This is one of the most famous beaches in the Mediterranean. It is located 13 km southwest of the town of Skiathos. The famous pine trees forest is located there. The pine trees reach until the shore break. There are sea sports facilities by the beach. The forest is 145,000 square meters. In this area also the Strofilia Lake is located with a total area of 95.000 square meters. The lake is a place for migratory birds and it belongs in Natura 2000 network.


Super Paradise: it is located 7 km to the southeast of Chora. It is next to paradise beach, nice sand, less organized than paradise beach. It can be accessed by local bus and water taxi from Platys Gyalos. The beach is popular to homosexuals. Very busy during high season, can get really overcrowded.


Myrtos beach: it is located 30 km north of Argostoli. It is world wide known for its beauty and cleanness. Impressive cliffs form a bech of white peddles and emerald waters, accessed by Bus, well organized, big waves when windy.


Perissa beach is situated 15 km south east of Fira. The most impressive feature of the beach is its unique volcanic black (grey) sand. It is a long beach and many hotels, rooms, taverns, restaurants and bars and nightclubs can be found there.


It is a beach by a palm forest, the unique palm forest in Europe. The beach is open from sunrise to sunset and several cafes can be found on the spot. It is a wonderful sandy beach.


Prasonisi beach: It is located 85 km south of the city of Rhodes. It is a paradise for windsurfers. The waters are emerald and you can find there two sandy coves that end in an island. There are plenty of windsurfing rental facilities.

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