Kamari and Perissa in Santorini

A Quick Look At Perissa Santorini and Kamari Santorini

Booking a trip to Santorini is one of the great options that you will want to explore when booking a vacation. Whether you’re joining friends and family, or you are looking at this section of Greece for a honeymoon, there’s a lot to explore. One of the premier options that you will no doubt want to see is that of Santorini. Amidst the options here, make sure that you include Perissa Santorini and Kamari Santorini. These two spots are unique in a lot of different ways, especially if you love something left of center. As you look for things to do here, you’ll want to check out the greater good that comes from each option.

Perissa Beach Options

Perhaps one of the best things that you can do when you’re traveling through Santorini is to go to Perissa. This is a location that is near Fira, and is going to impress. The main reason may be the beach, which showcases black sand. That’s right, black sand, and crystal clear waters make this beach front one of the most attractive to look at. The sands are made of volcanic elements from the past, and introduce you to a very unique and intriguing element.

Near the village, explore hotels that range from super luxurious to budget friendly, and cafes that allow you to enjoy a bit of coffee while you take in the views, and scents of this Oceanside area. Get a guided tour and explore more of what the city has to offer, and if you’re really looking for adventure check out the donkey tour option.

Kamari For The History

If you’re going to venture to Perissa, you may want to also check out Kamari. As far as Perissa Santorini and Kamari Santorini are concerned, this option is for those that love history. This coastal village has the same elements of water, and beach, but there’s a unique element to it that others may not have. Look to find the ancient sights that are preserved, so that you can get a look at the amazing history of the city.

Look for the open-air cinema, and look at the stones, remains, and beauty that goes back to the founding of the city. Go on foot or get a guided tour and see the amazing elements that can open for you. If you love wine, then venture to the Gaia Winery, and enjoy the warm sunlight as you traverse a bit of history.

Both Perissa Santorini and Kamari Santorini offer snorkeling, guided tours, and much more. Make sure that you take time to explore the options around these two options, and enjoy the beauty that Greece has for all visitors. You can easily find theaters, bars, clubs, and even a unique bowling alley in the area. Whatever it is you want to do, these two gems open up for you. When booking, make sure that you consider a diverse itinerary that includes these two areas of Santorini so that you can get a great taste of coastal beauty, and more.