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The classical play Vampires  on 16th and 17th  Octoder at 21.00 in Rhodes municipal theater

Meeting Points 6, Onasis Cultural Centre

05-11 March 2012

An optical dialogue amongst famous designers' clothes and accessories from the collections of the Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation and creations by Ilia Lalaounis, along with many references to the history of fashion.

See the events program of Onasis cultural center at .

23 October- 11 December 2011

The 3rd Athens Biennale 2011, one of the largest contemporary art exhibitions, is a double project in the form of an international exhibition and a feature film.


in Jewelry Museum Exhibition Room


June21-December 29 2011

press here


Concert of The Nostimon Hemar Ensemble

5 September 2011

Enjoy a journey in dreams through poetry and music under the artistic direction of Minos Somarakis.


'Klidi' an audio-visual concert by "Nichtovates"

4 September 2011

An alternative concert by "Nichtovates", a band whose music is based on guitars, drums and acoustic organs, offers a mix of soul and blues sounds filtered through traditional and rock elements, complemented by videoart projections.

Stavros Festival- Kalithies village in Rhodes

13-14 September 2011

At the main festival of the traditional village of Kallithies, this feast day celebrates the Exaltation of the True Cross and the festival is one of the biggest held on Rhodes. Enjoy the panoramic view of the village while enjoying some traditional Greek dancing and music.

Vasilis Poulias: Photography Exhibition in Myconos

Until 31 August 2011

Galleraki cocktail bar in Myconos is hosting the photography exhibition "Creative Digital Photography on Canvas" by Vasilis Poulias. Creative photography with unique artistic combinations.

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