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These represent the most popular ferry paths from Athens (Piraeus) to Santorini. The Blue Star ferry is my personal favorite way to get from Athens to Santorini and your best option undoubtedly if you’re at risk of seasickness as it is the largest ferry with the minimum bumpy trip.

Blue Ferry: Departs Athens at 7:25 each morning (365 times a year) with stops in Paros and Naxos (and often Ios). It takes approximately 8 time from Athens to Santorini and the ferry is delivered in Santorini at 14:55. The profit vacation from Santorini to Athens departs at 15:30 and shows up in Athens at 23:15. From June 25 to Sept 3, 2017 you will find evening Azure Celebrity ferries 3 night time per week from Athens to Santorini. They abandon Athens around 5:30pm on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday and get to Santorini involving 1am and 2am. For any Light blue Superstar ferry shelling out a few extra Euros and obtaining set aside seating “aircraft type seats” is tremendously encouraged.

Blue star ferry from Athens arriving in Santorini.

Hellenic Seaways Highspeed 4 or 6: Each day from Apr 7 to October 1, 2017 you will discover a day highspeed ferry that departs from Athens at 7:15am and arrives in Santorini among 12pm and 1pm. In April it will probably be a Highspeed 6 and arrive at 1:05pm. In Could, June, July, August, and September it will probably be a Highspeed 4 and arrive at 12pm (midday). From June 16 to September 10, 2017 Hellenic also provides an evening ferry. The Nissos Samos car ferry (the same as the the Glowing blue Star) departs Athens at 11:30pm and comes in Santorini at 8am.

Highspeed ferry from Athens to Santorini showing up in Santorini harbour.

SeaJet: From Mar 24 to October 31, 2017 this small catamaran departs at 7:00am and is delivered in Santorini at 11:20 (normally with prevents in Mykonos and Naxos). From May possibly 19 to September 24, 2017 additionally there is a few hours ferry that departs Athens at 3:45pm and comes at Santorini at 9:25pm. This is actually the quickest ferry from Athens to Santorini but the smallest and can hold the roughest ride. The seats inside of is confined (until you get business course which I advise). It’s also the most probably going to be cancelled because of hard seas. After some bad luck a trip over a SeaJet can turn into a terrible experience. Go ahead and take Azure Legend or Hellenic Highspeed if you can. The SeaJet and other smaller catamarans (just like the Mega Jet and Very Jet) are OK for short hops in between islands but i would not advise consuming them to the 5 hr trip from Athens to Santorini.

Seajet2 from Athens to Santorini.

Rafina to Santorini Ferries: Rafina can be a 2nd ferry port close to Athens and much closer than Piraeus for the Athens International Airport. From Apri 24 to Sept 24, 2017 there exists a Hellenic Highspeed ferry that departs at 7:20am and reaches Santorini at 1:25pm. It operates 1 week weekly for these particular times except from April 24 to June 11 when it does not are powered by Tuesdays and Wednesdays. There is also a SeaJet that works 6 times each week at 3:45pm and gets to Santorini at 9:25pm starting with May 19, 2017 till Sept or October (unclear on the last working day but).

Ferry Occasions from Santorini to Athens for 2017

The outgoing ferry instances for Santorini to Athens ferries usually corresponds to the inbound ferries, as many ships decrease their passengers, get new passengers, and do the a similar trip to Athens.

Blue Superstar Ferry: Santorini to Athens ferries leave at 3:30pm and is delivered in Athens at 11:25pm 365 days annually. From June to Sept there are a few ferries per week that keep Santorini early on each morning and arrive in Athens around 3pm.

Hellenic Seaways Highspeed 4 or 6: Each day from May possibly 26 to October 1, 2017 there is a Hellenic ferry (Highspeed 4 or 6) that departs Santorini in between 12:15pm and 1:30pm and arrives in Athens between 5pm and 9pm.

SeaJet: From Mar 24 to October 31, 2017 it departs Santorini at a while in between 12:15pm and 1pm and comes in Athens in between 5pm and 7pm. From June 1 to Sept . 18, 2017 there is also a day ferry that departs Santorini at 8:00am and shows up in Athens at 2:05pm.

Santorini to Rafina Ferries: From Apri 24 to Sept . 24, 2017 you will discover a Hellenic Highspeed ferry that departs Santorini at 1:40pm and gets to Rafina at 7:45pm. It works 7 days weekly for these particular schedules other than from Apr 24 to June 11 whenever it doesn’t operate on Tuesday and Wednesday. there is also a SeaJet that runs seven days each week making Santorini at 9:00am and reaches Rafina at 2:45pm starting from Might 20, 2017 right up until September or October (unclear in the final day however).

Exactly what is the very best ferry to take from Athens to Santorini?

The easiest way to get from Athens to Santorini is by the Azure Star ferry. It departs the Athens’ ferry harbour each day at 7:25am. This can be clearly very early. To have the ferry you ought to be about the metro teach from down-town Athens to Piraeus by 6:30am. In the course of summer time Additionally there is a in the future Glowing blue Star ferry in the mid-day/night 3 days weekly - generally departing at 17:30 and coming in Santorini following night.

Around the Glowing blue Celebrity ferry you can actually go walking about around the outdoor patio and like the surroundings and the sea air. It can consider 8 time On the Azure Celebrity from Athens to Santorini. The beginning and conclusion of the getaway are thrilling but the 6 hrs between may be quite boring.

The Highspeed ferries who go from Athens to Santorini do not possess open up-oxygen decks so you are not able to view the surroundings in a similar manner. You sit within in airline style chairs and are not able to go outside the house besides every time a end is created in a port. The windows are often covered with salt and ocean mist and do not enable a lot in the form of views. The Highspeed ferries get one to Santorini within a very little around half the time (5 hours rather than 8) so there may be that advantages.

Pre-booking for your Azure Star is often not necessary but if you do reserve straight with Light blue Legend. Highspeed ferries do market out (particularly in July and August) so pre-scheduling all those seats is generally a wise decision if you’re with a established timetable.

Turning up in Santorini by ferry.

Drawing near Santorini by ferry is definitely an extraordinary strategy to view the cliffs, the caldera, along with the volcano. The easiest method to experience this scenery is simply by getting the Glowing blue Legend ferry.

Blue Celebrity ferry that runs from Athens to Santorini and back again.

The Glowing blue Star vehicle ferry that runs from Athens to Santorini. Big open air decks let you go walking close to and enjoy the opinions.

if you are already in Greece or planning to invest some time in Athens then buying ferry passes is quite easy. Go to any local travel agent a day or two before your meant ferry vacation and get about ferry instances and seat tickets. You could buy the tickets straight away. Ferry pricing is set up with the government so there’s no requirement to research prices or make a price comparison: they’re all alike. Ferries hardly ever sell out so booking far in advance is just not typically needed (although there are times when you should buy Ancient greek ferry passes upfront). Ever since the Highspeed Ferries are more compact and get assigned chairs they are more likely to promote outside in substantial time of year. The Glowing blue Legend ferry hardly ever markets out.

Boarding the ferry requires transporting your bags on the ferry and occasionally (based on the ferry) up several flights of filter stairs. Generally ships there is usually lots of suitcases storing as you may first table the ferry.

What exactly is the most affordable way to get from Athens to Santorini?

The cheapest way to get to Santorini from Athens will be the typical auto ferries (like Light blue Legend) then high-speed ferries. Journeys will be the priciest however, if you book early on an affordable airline flight may be shut in cost into a high speed ferry.

what is the swiftest way from Athens to Santorini?

Obviously, flying will be the swiftest way from Athens to Santorini. But … if you are already in main Athens and will need to get all the way rear in the market to the air-port making the right path through protection then this high-speed ferry may just take 2 or three hours beyond a flight.

Each Aegean Airlines and Olympic Oxygen have routes from Athens to Santorini.

If you will be soaring into Athens but do not plan to commit whenever from the metropolis then it is least complicated to jump on your flight instantly to Santorini and save the problem of getting through the Athens airport to Piraeus for a ferry.

Do I Need To publication my ferry solution from Athens to Santorini ahead of time?

Most of the time getting seats ahead of time is not necessary and you could buy seat tickets at any journey firm after you get to Greece.

In July and August it is definitely not necessarily a bad a strategy to acquire Glowing blue Legend passes 2 or 3 days beforehand (but once you arrive in Greece as it is easier getting at the vacation organization in Athens than pre-getting on the internet). Highspeed ferries sell out more regularly as well as for July and August I would recommend pre-reserving seats at least every week ahead of time.

Should you do guide ahead of time browse through the websites to the specific ferry companies Light blue Celebrity, Hellenic Seaways, or SeaJets in contrast to getting via a tour operator which can charge an additional payment.

There are actually 3 scenarios if you definitely ought to guide ferry tickets beforehand:

If you’re traveling on the 7 days of August 15th. It is a huge vacation in Greece when Greeks come back to their hometowns and island destinations. Ferries are stuffed so buy seat tickets no less than two or three days beforehand. (Complete disclosure: I have traveled in this week and not booked seats upfront and received on each and every ferry that i needed to.)

In case you have an auto and need to take it about the ferry. Car spots are handful of and sell outside in progress.

If you need a getting to sleep cabin then you’ll (frequently) need to book tickets beforehand.

What exactly is the distinction between the economic system, business, VIP, and cabin courses on the greek ferry?

Seats On Glowing Blue Celebrity Ferries (and other big car ferries)

Economic climate or outdoor patio course provides you with access to in and out of sitting and also all dining places and cafes. For €4 it is possible to improve to reservable plane-fashion chairs. In the event you do not get yourself a booked seating you will be still left hunting for a seat through the getaway or anytime you wish to stand up. In July and August I would absolutely obtain the booked plane-design chairs.

Light blue Superstar ferry in Athens heading to Santorini

The exterior deck in the Azure Star ferry from Athens to Santorini. There are lounge locations within at the same time and you are able to sit down anyplace you need in overall economy course.

Economic system school seats on Glowing blue Superstar ferry to Santorini

Inside economy class seats around the Blue Celebrity ferry.

Reserved seats on Greek ferry.

Reserved (airplane-design) seating. around the Light blue Celebrity. This expenses €4 added and is worth it - specifically if you intend to sleep at night or read through for your main journey.

Aircraft sort seats (that must be booked) on board Azure Legend ferry from Athens to Santorini.

Aircraft type sitting (which needs to be set aside) aboard Glowing blue Star ferry from Athens to Santorini.

Organization Type offers you entry to a living room with comfy car seats and sofas, waiter support, along with a a lot less noisy and crowded environment. Many people benefit from the additional ease and comfort, nevertheless i prefer the airplane-fashion chairs present in economy.

Company course seating on the Light blue Legend ferry from Athens to Santorini.

Business class chairs around the Glowing blue Legend ferry from Athens to Santorini.

Organization school on Ancient greek ferry.

The living room in running a business class on a typical ferry (much like the Azure Superstar).

Cabins have mattresses in most cases may be found in 2-berth and 4-berth arrangements. Within cabins are inside the dispatch without any windowpane. Outside cabins are on the outside and also a home window.

Beds in cabin from Athens to Santorini.

Cabin in the Blue Superstar ferry from Athens to Santorini.

Cabins on Azure Superstar ferry from Athens to Santorini.

The cabin location and hallways of your Blue Superstar ferry.

Seats on Hellenic Highspeed Ferries

On the Hellenic ferries there is not a massive difference between the classes:

Overall economy reaches the back one half of the ferry.

Economic system seating on Hellenic Highspeed from Athens to Santorini.

Economy chairs on Hellenic Seaways ferry from Athens to Santorini.

Overall economy chairs on Hellenic Highspeed from Athens to Santorini.

Overall economy seating on Hellenic Highspeed from Athens to Santorini.

Business is in front of by using a little bit more space to every single chair.

Business school sitting on Highspeed 4 and 6 from Athens to Santorini.

Company school sitting on Highspeed 4 and 6 from Athens to Santorini.

VIP is in front from the ferry and contains home windows seeking uncomplicated or maybe on the ground above (based on the ferry). It can normally have leather-based seating. Additionally, it has waiter services at the desk.

VIP chairs on Highspeed 4 and Highspeed 6.

VIP seats on Highspeed 4 and Highspeed 6.

Seating Onboard a SeaJet Ferry

I recommend obtaining organization type chairs on the more compact SeaJet ferries that happen to be small, and packed. (These tips doesn’t affect the SeaJet Terajet ferry that goes between Crete and Santorini. That ferry is a lot greater and incredibly better than the SeaJet catamarans that run from Athens to Santorini.)

Overall economy seats on SeaJet ferry to Santorini. Popular and jampacked.

Sitting Onboard a SeaJet Ferry.

Seats onboard a SeaJet ferry.

Company-type chairs on SeaJet ferry to Santorini. Encouraged.

Is company course chairs worth every penny on ferry to Santorini?

Getting business course chairs in the SeaJet is definitely worth the cost.

Athens Airport terminal for the Piraeus Ferry Dock

Ferries from Athens leave in the Piraeus ferry harbour about twenty or so minutes to the south of central Athens. If you are proceeding from the international airport into a ferry then tour bus X96 is the greatest and swiftest method of getting towards the slot. It operates 24 hours a day, fees €5, and the getaway takes among 50 and 90 moments dependant upon targeted traffic.

Taxi cabs from the Athens airport terminal to Piraeus acquire 40 to 70 moments and expense among €50 and €60.

Airport busses to Piraeus.

The shuttle end at Athens air-port. It is located right away outside of the Arrivals degree exit entrance doors (stick to the indications). Acquire passes in the kiosk obvious to the correct in the coaches. It is possible to not get seat tickets on board the bus.

Athens international airport X96 tour bus to Piraeus.

The X96 (for that Piraeus ferry dock) tour bus quit outside the Athens airport terminal. Vehicles to Piraeus work one day by leaving about every single half an hour. The getaway through the airport terminal on the ferry port usually takes among 50 and 90 minutes.

X96 tour bus end in Piraeus.

X96 is the bus from the airport terminal to Piraeus. It stops next to gate E6 (the door for that Glowing blue Star ferry to Santorini) and very close to the Piraeus metro station.

Tour bus schedule from Athens airport terminal to Town center and Ferry Slot.

Bus schedule from Athens airport terminal to The downtown area and Ferry Dock. This is showcased equally in and out of the terminal.

Baggage storing onboard the X96 shuttle from the Athens international airport towards the port of Piraeus. (The X95 tour bus to down-town Athens provides the exact same structure.)

Baggage storage onboard the X96 bus in the Athens airport for the dock of Piraeus. (The X95 tour bus to the downtown area Athens has got the exact same design.)

Shuttle passes for Airport vehicles.

Shuttle seat tickets for Air-port buses. The glowing blue one is a reduced fare for youngsters and senior citizens. These passes need to validated as soon as you board the bus.

The taxi cab line in the Athens air-port. Cabs in the Athens airport to Piraeus expense about €50.

The taxi queue on the Athens air-port. Taxis in the Athens airport terminal to Piraeus cost involving €50 and €60 and consider about one hour.

The downtown area Athens to Ferry Dock

If you are presently in central Athens then a metro that departs from Monastiraki or Omonia stations will get you to Piraeus in twenty to thirty a few minutes. Metro passes expense €1.20. Metro works from 5:30am right up until about night. Should your ferry foliage at 7:30am (like several do) making down-town Athens at 6:30am need to give you sufficient time.

Taxi cabs consider 20 to 30 moments from Syntagma, Plaka, or Monastiraki place and cost €25 to €30.

The Monastiraki metro station which has immediate trains towards the Piraeus ferry slot. Omonia metro station even offers immediate trains.

The Monastiraki metro station which has primary trains on the Piraeus ferry harbour. Omonia metro station is on the very same range (Series 1) and also has primary trains to Piraeus. If you start off from Syntagma station you will need to take Range 3 to Monastiraki and alter to Line 1. This brings an additional 5 minutes for the journey.

Buying metro seat tickets on the metro station.

Purchasing metro seat tickets with the metro station. To acquire from Athens to Piraeus click on the button on the top left of your display screen for 1.20€.

Make sure to Verify Seats

If you pick a solution but neglect to validate (together with the models under) you may be fined approximately 60 occasions the price tag on the fare.

Verify bus admission using this type of machine.

Validate tour bus passes with this device (onboard the shuttle).

Admission validation unit at metro station.

Verify metro seat tickets using this machine (just after you enter into the station but prior to going to the tracks).

Road map of Piraeus Ferry Slot

Road map of Piraeus Ferry Dock

Road map of Ferry Port at Piraeus. The metro station is among E5 and E6 and known as the Electric Train Line 1. E1: Ferries to the Dodecanese (e.g. Rhodes). E2: Ferries to Crete, Chios, Lesvos, Ikaria, Samos. E6 and E7: Cyclades (Santorini, Mykonos, Ios, Naxos, Paros, and so forth) and Rethymno (Crete). E8: Argosaronic Small islands (Aegina, Agkistri, Spetses, Hydra, Poros).

How to pick-up or buy ferry seats in Athens.

These are the basic ticket kiosks with the Piraeus ferry port the place you pickup or acquire ferry tickets: Glowing blue Celebrity Ferries around the still left plus a little bit off to the right is Hellenic Seaways. This really is directly down the street from the train station. If you are taking a taxi let them know to drop you in the solution booths. If you have scheduled on the internet and published your passes it needs to have a bar code to get to the ferry. When it does not you must line up in this article and pickup a true ticket.

Visiting Imerovigli Village

There are plenty of places to look into when you’re looking to visit Santorini. As you look into visiting this locale, you’ll no doubt want to explore the nearby areas. One such area is Imerovigli Santorini. This is a location that is full of life, and amazing views. You’re also going to be 15 minutes from Firostefain, which showcases amazing views, hotels, and restaurants. However, focusing on Imerovigli proper, you’ll want to look at a few places to stay, eat, and relax as you spend some time getting to know the local Greek cuisine, and wine.

Where To Stay

When it comes to getting affordable accommodations, you’ll find that there are a lot of options when looking for Imerovigli hotels. Now, if you want to go with something that has been well reviewed, you will no doubt want to take your pick of these 4 major options. Each one has a lot of reviews, and some that have absolutely stunning and amazing amenities when you book ahead of schedule. The Anastasis Apartments, Astra Suites, Kayo, and Afroessa Hotel are just 4 of the major accommodations that you’ll want to look into. These 4 icons have a lot of reviews, most of which are absolutely stunning, ranking high amidst visitors to the region. If you want to get the full lap of luxury, here’s the opportunity to get through it all.

Top Rated Restaurants

For those that are looking to get a bite to eat, you’ll no doubt want to eat at the well-reviewed places. The food is always amazing when you’re traveling through Greece, but there are some restaurants that get a lot of attention for being absolutely amazing. Consider visiting Kapari wine Restaurant, La Maison, or Avocado Restaurant. These have been reviewed and ranked in the top 10 lists of many different websites and magazines. The food here is traditional, upscale, and downright amazing. Pair it with a local wine, and you’ll get to experience what many people dream about.

For The Night Life

For those that want to do something at night, and you want to explore the region, you’ll have to check out Heliotopos Wine Bar. This is a destination that gets plenty of reviews, and the reason being is simple, it’s a bar that is inside a cave. That’s right, an excavated cave project that has a full bar inside, to ensure that you enjoy a drink inside an iconic backdrop.

As you traverse Imerovigli, make sure that you look into renting a boat or perhaps getting a boat tour. This will give you a glimpse at the natural beauty that surrounds these villages. You’ll be thrilled to see the sunset, and enjoy the splendor that comes with relaxing a little. Aside from the aforementioned, many come to the village just to launch from the local ports, and see things from a new perspective. If you’re going to visit, you have to put this on the list of things to do, alongside walking, eating, drinking, and having fun through the many night spots.

Things To See and Do In Oia village

When visiting Greece, you are no doubt going to want to look into the Oia Greece. This small village is going to absolutely give you a beautiful view of the country’s compelling resources. The area is known for being a little less crowded than other villages in the area. You’ll find that at first glance, it may seem a bit small, but there’s a lot to explore in a small area. What you’ll find is several points of interest, restaurants, guided tours, shopping areas, and much more. With that in mind, consider a few notes on what to see and do if you find yourself traveling to this amazing locale.

The Views of Ammoudi

All it takes is one look at the sunrise or sunset in Ammoudi to absolutely make you fall in love with the region. When you’re in Oia, make sure that you look to find this port. You’ll find that the fishing here is delightful, and you’ll find small boats throughout, as this harbor is one of the busy areas. However, you’ll find that there’s a lot of small shops, and eateries to explore. You can even take a touring boat that will help you see the fishing elements up close and personal. Take a small trip from Ammoudi to Thirasia and see why so many make it a point to spend a great deal of time in this natural wonder.

The Food

When you’re traveling through Greece, you will no doubt want to taste the amazing food that comes from the region. With that in mind, make sure that you set your eyes on several restaurants that will absolutely thrill. For instance, you’ll want to consider Katina when going to Ammoudi, as it will give you an incredible meal with a view of the water’s edge. Another option is that of Karma, which has a lot of ambience, giving you a royal treatment when you’re looking for cuisine. Furthermore, make sure that you consider Krinaki, Skala, and Melenio as a few other restaurants that will no doubt introduce you to the amazing flavors that are sewn throughout the region.

The Wine

One of the most iconic things that you can do when traveling to Oia is to take a sunset tour. That’s right, take a tour with someone you love, and get a sense for sunset on the waters, and of course enjoy the wine. The wine in this region is distinctive and will absolutely stun even the hardest of critics to please. Enjoy a guided tour, and see why so many venture forth for a little romance while on the waters near Oia’s ports. Some of the many Hotels in Oia will have amazing wine, so booking will give you an upper hand.

As you can see there are some great things to see and do in Oia village. Of course, these are just the tipping point, there’s a lot more to explore and see as you take time to traverse the Greek isles. This is just one of the many solutions you’ll no doubt find to be compelling, especially in these modern times. Whether you’re staying a short time or for an extended vacation, this is one spot you don’t want to miss out on. Before booking Santorini hotels Oia, make sure you take time to explore options.

The best hotels in Oia Santorini Greece

Canaves Oia hotel, Kirini Suites and spa, Katikies hotels, Andronis Luxuury suites, Esperas, Oia Mare  villas, Residence suites, Oia's sunset,  Caldera vilas, Fanari villas, Ikies-traditional houses, Anemomilos hotel Apartments, Atrina ttraditional houses.

A Look At Fira

When traveling to Fira Santorini, you are no doubt going to want to explore a lot of the area. One of the main areas that you will want to check out is none other than Fira. This is the capital city and has a lot to offer travelers. Whether you want peace and quiet, or you want to go on an adventure, there’s a lot to explore in this region, especially in Fira proper. Whether you are staying for a short time or a longer period of time, you will have a lot to explore, including some of the most unique natural wonders. The following is just a brief look at some of the things that you can explore when visiting this area.

Visit Firostefani

One of the most compelling elements of the city is simply an old village that you have to see. Translated into English, this means the Crown of Fira. This is an absolutely gem of a place to look into, especially if you like traditional architecture, cuisine, and views that extend out a ways. If you want to get a clear view of the volcano nearby, this is an area that you have to check out. The views here are absolutely compelling, and once you’re there, you’ll see why it’s called the “crown” of sorts.

Where To Stay

If you’re going to visit and want to stay in the lap of luxury, then you will no doubt want to check out the Santorini hotels in Fira. Fira opens up in a lot of ways to visitors that are looking to enjoy relaxing moments. That being said, you could get a hotel with a beautiful volcano sunset view, romance packages, and much more. Some of the options you’ll no doubt want to explore include Adamant Suites, Aigialos Hotel, Aria Suites, and Aroma Suites. Each one of these hotels has a unique element to them, but if you’re looking for luxury, amenities, and views, they will offer you a great amount of options overall.

Venture To Ormos

Amidst the things that you can do, make sure that you visit Ormos. This is the old port of Santorini, and you will find amazing cliffs, as well as different sights to see. The harbor will welcome you with shops, bars, and restaurants, as well as shopping, views and much more. When you book a cruise to Greece, chances are they will drop anchor here, which is another reason you may want to take note. This is a center point that you will not want to miss, because you can depart from here to visit the volcano nearby, and experience hot springs, amidst other amazing points. Venture to the foot of the Caldera cliffs and take in the views, you’ll no doubt want to stay a lot longer than just a short vacation, that’s for sure.

This is just the starting point, as there is a lot more to consider when you look at Fira, and the surrounding areas of Santorini. If you want natural splendor, this is one place you can’t miss when traveling to Greece.

Exploring The Absolute Top 5 Star Luxury Santorini Hotels

For people that are traveling to Greece and want to be in the absolute lap of luxury, there are a lot of hotels to explore. While there are some great budget options, you may not want to go that route. If you’re looking for only the best, then Santorini hotels are going to absolutely astonish. From amazing views, to decadent meals, you’ll be able to live like a king if you book the right accommodations. With that in mind, consider the following list of the best Santorini hotels that you can book today. These are only 5 star hotels listed, so you know that you’re going to be getting a beautiful, and absolute great solution overall.

Kirini Suites and Spa

The first major option that you are going to want to explore is this one, Kirini Suites and Spa highlight the absolute best that the region has to offer. You will find yourself amazed by the multiple tiered terraces, as well as the cliff overlooks and blue waters that are clear as day from many of areas in and outside of the hotel. There’s a dramatic vantage point that you will get here, alongside all the spa treatments, meals, and drinks you would expect from a top notch resort and spa.

Pegasus Suites and Spa

Venture to the Imerovigli Village and you will no doubt find greatness. Stay at the Pegasus Suites and Spa, and enjoy the absolute best in fine dining, and amenities that come with a 5-star location. A heated pool will have you enjoying a swim, and an all-star spa center awaits, alongside suites and more that are poised to impress, not just to help you relax.

Katikies Hotel

Those that are seeking out a place to stay in Oia, this is going to be the hotel for you. This 5-star hotel is right above the Aegean Sea, and it features a great deal of elements that you are no doubt going to love. There’s a rooftop restaurant that overlooks the vastness of the waters, and an absolutely flawless infinity pool that gives you the notion of floating in the waters of the Aegean. The views alone are well worth staying at this marvelous locale.

Tamarix Del Mar Suites

If you want something a bit calm, a bit quieter than the tourist heavy spots, then you’ll want to look at this hotel. It’s near Kamari, 4km from the Santorini airport, and offers an absolutely grand amount of amenities. From a gym to a children’s area, to a swimming pool outside and inside, as well as proximity to the black sands of Kamari beach, you’ll find that this is an oasis worth checking into.

As you can see, some of the best Santorini Hotels are listed above. These are just some of the 5 star hotels that are in the area. If you are going to take a relaxing vacation, then by all means, look into these amazing options, and see how a little bit of luxury could go a long way for your next trip.

4 Great Places To Stay In Santorini

When it comes to traveling through Greece, you are no doubt going to want to look into accommodations. Whether you want to spend a small amount of time traveling, or an extended period, you’ll no doubt need a hotel. If you are looking at luxurious items, or perhaps the best reviewed of the options, you’ll want to isolate the best. The following are 4 top Santorini hotels to stay at when visiting Santorini and will absolutely showcase why this is a travel destination that is on the top 10 list of many people today.

Aroma Suites

This is a quiet southern hotel that is located in Fira. When you get here, you’ll find that it’s a nice boutique hotel, with a lot of promise. The views are what sells this place, and the price tag is far less than you may expect for what you will get. If you’re looking for luxury, and comfort, here is a spot that deliver with incredible views of the water and skyline.

Porto Fira Suites

Another breathtaking option, you’ll find that this opens up the doors to modernism amidst the cultural leanings of Greece. Imagine opening up your balcony doors and enjoying a nice meal, while the wind and the sun comes through, and then take on an adventure through the streets of Fira, and see the sights around town. This is a well-reviewed, luxury solution that will definitely allow you to get a taste for the greatness that comes with traveling through the region.

The Atlantis Hotel

THIs is an older hotel, built in the in early 1950s, but it has been modernized in a lot of different ways. You will find that the overlooks here are second to none. Some call it a regal building, and others just love the views that you get from many of the options. If you’re looking for a good, friendly, 4-star hotel, this is definitely one that is hard to beat, especially with the overlooking windows and vantage points throughout the building.

Kirini Suites and Spa

Here is perhaps the most compelling of places to stay in the area, and it’s going to absolutely change how you see Santorini. This hotel is a 5 star rated hotel with suites, terraces, and perches that overlook the Aegean Sea. If you wanted luxury, this is the one to pick, especially if you are going to be staying for a while. The architecture alone makes this one of the best picks that you can select, but it’s the reviews that really set this option apart, giving you a beauty that is not often seen with a lot of solutions today.

There are some great Santorini hotels, spas, and more to consider, but the above 4 are among the best, and most often reviewed. You could also look into Skyfall Suites, Pegasus Suites, Cosmopolitan Suites, and Chromata as well. Simply put, if you’re going to spend time in Santorini, you might as well ensure that you are staying in some of the Best Santorini hotels, and these are just a handful of the luxurious solutions nearby.

Exploring How To Get To Santorini

When it comes to getting across the world, you’ll have several different options to explore. In the case of visiting Santorini, you will have to look into a few options. You could explore flights to Santorini, or you could get there by other means. If you aren’t sure what to do, or how to get to this vacation hot spot, consider a few notes on how to do it in an affordable manner. Whether you want to stay for a short span, or a long period of time, there are several things that you can do to ensure that you are getting to the right place overall.

Flying Is Best

There are two major ways that you will want to explore getting to Santorini with. Regardless of where you’re coming from, you’ll find that flights to Santorini may be the best bet. There are several options in this case, including connections from various large airports. You’ll find that the Santorini airport lets you connect to the rest of Greece and Europe for a low cost. Flights come and go year round, so anytime is a good time. The major airlines to look for include Olympic Air, and Aegean Airlines, both of which will provide you with flight options. For European connections, you’ll find that EasyJet is a great option to explore, as that will connect you from London, Rome, and other major airports. Booking a flight is simple, and the cost is relatively inexpensive compared to other hot spots for vacations, or holidays.

By Boat

If you aren’t going to be flying in directly, you could take a boat. There are several cruise ships that can get you close to Santorini, and dock for an excursion. You’ll also find that there are ports that line Santorini so that you don’t have to take flights here, you can take a boat. Often times, people come to the ports via ferries which can take you to and from various options. Water taxis are also available for those that want to go to and from different areas, and can be helpful in traveling.

Finding A Good Deal

For those that want to save money on travel, it’s best to look into a few options that can help you out. For instance, you’ll want to book flights to Santorini on the off season. If you book during the middle of summer, you may find yourself spending a bit more than if you were to go when the tourism jump is a little lower. Look for milder weather, and the offseason to save money on discounted flights, and ferries.

You could also look for a travel agent that may be able to assist with finding great deals on hotels, flights, and more. Whatever the case may be, you’ll find that flights are the best way to get to this destination. Once you’ve landed, you can take a ferry to Thira’s main port, and other destinations nearby. It’s an easy locale to get to, and offers a variety of options to explore, once you book your trip.

A Quick Look At Perissa Santorini and Kamari Santorini

Booking a trip to Santorini is one of the great options that you will want to explore when booking a vacation. Whether you’re joining friends and family, or you are looking at this section of Greece for a honeymoon, there’s a lot to explore. One of the premier options that you will no doubt want to see is that of Santorini. Amidst the options here, make sure that you include Perissa Santorini and Kamari Santorini. These two spots are unique in a lot of different ways, especially if you love something left of center. As you look for things to do here, you’ll want to check out the greater good that comes from each option.

Perissa Beach Options

Perhaps one of the best things that you can do when you’re traveling through Santorini is to go to Perissa. This is a location that is near Fira, and is going to impress. The main reason may be the beach, which showcases black sand. That’s right, black sand, and crystal clear waters make this beach front one of the most attractive to look at. The sands are made of volcanic elements from the past, and introduce you to a very unique and intriguing element.

Near the village, explore hotels that range from super luxurious to budget friendly, and cafes that allow you to enjoy a bit of coffee while you take in the views, and scents of this Oceanside area. Get a guided tour and explore more of what the city has to offer, and if you’re really looking for adventure check out the donkey tour option.

Kamari For The History

If you’re going to venture to Perissa, you may want to also check out Kamari. As far as Perissa Santorini and Kamari Santorini are concerned, this option is for those that love history. This coastal village has the same elements of water, and beach, but there’s a unique element to it that others may not have. Look to find the ancient sights that are preserved, so that you can get a look at the amazing history of the city.

Look for the open-air cinema, and look at the stones, remains, and beauty that goes back to the founding of the city. Go on foot or get a guided tour and see the amazing elements that can open for you. If you love wine, then venture to the Gaia Winery, and enjoy the warm sunlight as you traverse a bit of history.

Both Perissa Santorini and Kamari Santorini offer snorkeling, guided tours, and much more. Make sure that you take time to explore the options around these two options, and enjoy the beauty that Greece has for all visitors. You can easily find theaters, bars, clubs, and even a unique bowling alley in the area. Whatever it is you want to do, these two gems open up for you. When booking, make sure that you consider a diverse itinerary that includes these two areas of Santorini so that you can get a great taste of coastal beauty, and more.

Seeing All That Santorini Has To Offer

You may think that Santorini is a small location, and it does seem that way, but if you want to explore it a bit more, you’re going to need help. That’s where guides and options come into play. You could very well book a vacation, get a 5 star hotel and enjoy relaxation without going anywhere. But what good would that be, if there is a wide array of options to explore in and around this vacation staple? If you want to have a bit of adventure, consider the following options that will no doubt help you see the beauty and majesty that is found here. Looking for Santorini tours can be a delightful option to consider, and when you book them, you’ll no doubt see the following amazing things.

The Museum Option

The first major option that you’re going to want to consider is the many museums that are in this area. Fira, for instance, has a lot to offer in terms of museums. When you get a guided tour of these locations, you will get an insider’s look at many of the most iconic elements. From art to archeology and much more, you’ll find that there’s beauty found here. As such, consider the Museum of Prehistoric Thera, Archeological Museum, SantoWines, Santozeum, and Megaro Gyzi Museum, just to name a few. If you love to learn, you’ll no doubt love the options that you’ll find when you get a tour of these facilities.

Private Tours of Oia and Fira

Another solution that you may want to look into is a guided tour of Santorini that features Oia and Fira. These locales will give you a full view of options, including museums, wine tasting and more. Whether you decide to go on foot, or you go with a tour bus, you’ll find that these tours provide you with a knowledgeable guide, and an itinerary that can showcase the best of what the area has to offer overall. Private tours are great ways to see the world, and in the case of Santorini, it can absolutely change the way that you see the area.

On The Water

As far as Santorini tours are concerned, why not take a sail boat out on the water? You can find catamarans that will take you to the Aegean sea and let you enjoy the beauty that is found in the waters. Start from Oia Village and venture forth to a snorkeling, swimming, and floating adventure on the waters. You’ll find that this area becomes eclectic when you are sailing across the sea, with an expert guide.

There are several different ways that you can take advantage of the tour options mentioned above. Make sure that you look into planning far in advanced, so that you can end up with a positive result. When you focus on booking in advance, you will no doubt get a good price, and various amenities to add to your tour. You can find a lot of options to consider, from guided tours, group tours, and daily excursions from the local ports.

There are many things to do in Athens and this is needless to say, for start you can buy a tour and see everything with a guide to explain everything out, have a look here for some guided tours of Athens. There is also the option of going to see all the archelogical sightseeing by yourself, you can see which to visit here. If you are visiting Athens in the summer there are plenty of athens beaches where you can have a swim. There are also a lot of museums in Athens and you can find information about them. The catalog is endless. For nightlife do chose monastiraki which is a little further down from syntagma square if you walk the downhill of Ermou street. Bear in mind that although all maps say that Omonia is the city centre, this is not the case , most sightseeings and nighlife and bars are near Syntagma so arrange your stay considering Syntagma as the city center.

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