Skopelos in general

Skopelos town. A greek island. Looking over the harbour towards the church.

It is located 3.6 nautical miles east of Skiathos and has an area of 96 square km. It has a lengthy shape with a maximum length of 19 km and a maximum width of 13 km to the southeast and a maximum width of 2 km to the northwest. The length of the coastline is 67 km. The terrain is semi-mountainous and it is a very green island, perhaps the island with the most extensive plantation in the Aegean. Some species of plants are rare and can only be found in Skopelos.

The first inhabitants of the island were Cretans. IN 362 BC the island was an excile place, during Franc times it belonged in the duchy of Naxos. The Byzantines occupied it and it stayed a part of the Byzantium until 1453 AD. After that it passed in to the hands of the Venetians. IN 1538 it was taken by the pirate Barbarossa who claimed it fro the Ottoman Empire. Barbarossa killed all residents. In the 16th century foreign wonderers that visited the island found it deserted without residents. It was later colonized and it was several times attacked by pirates.

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