Skiathos in general

Skiathos has an area of 48 square km and it is distanced 158 nautical miles from Pireaus. It has a maximum length of 11 km and a maximum width of 6 km. It has a distance of 3.6 nautical miles from Skopelos. The terrain is semi mountainous and it is a very green idyllic island that has plenty of water and two lakes. One besides the airport and one at Koukounaries beach, which is named Strofilia and is a protected wetland. The island has plenty of beaches; some of them are among the nicest in Greece.

The first inhabitants of the island were Pelasgians which where displaced by the Cretans of the 16th century BC. A few centuries later Chalkidians were also added to the island. The island took part in the Persian wars and in 478 BC it became a part of the first Athenian alliance. It was subdued to Startans from 404 BC until 378 BC, but was then liberated by the Athenians. IN 338 BC it was conquered by the king of Macedonia Philip whilst in 146 BC it was conquered by Romans which allowed the Athenians to administrate it. Later it gained autonomy but in 1207 AD it was taken by Venetians and in 1276 it was regained by Byzantines. In 1453 it passed in to Venetian hands but in 1538 it was taken by the Turks. The island was a part of the Greek state from the first moment of its creation after the liberation from the Turks.

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