Skiathos churches and byzantine monuments

Mistras of Skiathos: The most important sightseeing of the island is the medieval castle which started to be built in the middle of the 14th century when the inhabitants were forced to abandon the original settlement that has been developed in the ancient town and found shelter in a rocky peninsula in the north part of the island. This natural fortress was strengthened with walls that had ramparts with canons whilst the communication with the land was conducted through a wooden mobile bridge. At this location the medieval town that was called Mistras of Skiathos was developed. In 1453 AD it passed into Venetian hands and in 1538 AD into Turkish hands. IN the 17th century the metropolitan temple of the city was built there and today there are some frescoes saved in the internal of the temple. The castle stopped being used as a fort in 1830 AD after the formation of the Greek state. Today a part of the fortification is saved, 4 churches and the remains of a mosque.

Monastery of Enangelistria: It is a male monastery and the only that are active today in the island. It was founded in 1794 AD by monks of Holy Mountain (Athos Mount). It is a basilica with 3 domes and frescoes dated back to 1822 AD. In its sacristy, sacred vessels, Byzantine icons, artifacts made of glass and porcelain are kept. The monastery also holds an extensive library with documents and manuscripts.

Bourtzi: A small peninsula that divides the port into two parts. A fort was built there by Gizi brothers who ruled Skiathos in 1207 AD. In 1906 a school was founded there by Andreas Syngros. The school is now a cultural center. Bourtzi is now a place for relaxation and enjoyment of the beautiful view

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