Zakynthos museums

Museum of Zakynhos: the museum of Zakynthos is situated in Chora and is one of the most important museums in its kind. It has the richest collection of paintings of Post Byzantine painting which adopted works of west topics and styles. The museum is dated back in 1930 when 150 icons were gathered in the temple of Pantokratora of the 17th century. In 1960 the Byzantinologist Manolis Chatzidakis gathered the icons of the 100 most important churches as well as icons from the destroyed (by the earthquake) museum. The museum today is housed in a Neoclassical building in Solomos square containing 600 exhibits from the Byzantine period up until the 19th century. There are also some frescoes and 2 wooden golden coated temples of the 17th century. There are also simple objects from churches of Zakynthos on display. There is also a collection of removed frescoes and a collection of Post Byzantine icons by Cretans and Eptanesian painters of the 16-17th century AD. There is an impressive model of the city of Zakynthos in its form before the earthquake (1953). This model that is in a scale of 1:500 represents 2500 houses, churches, hills the port and all these things that comprised the city.

Church Museum of Zakynthos: It was inaugurated in 2000 in a building of the monastery of Strofalion and St Dionysius. It includes icons and relics that have been transferred from the specific monastery. There are rare icons of the 17-18th century. There are also some works of Nikolaos Koutouzis which he painted for the church of St Dionysius. There are also some silver artifacts, such as two gospels with elaborate silver cover. There is also an elaborate silver coffin that contained the remains of St Dionysius, which is considered to be one of the finest works of Ecclesial silver making art. Finally there are some rare publications of the 16th century AD as well as some embroidered with gold vestments. Among those vestments are those that belonged to the Saint as well.

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