Transportation Lefkada

The easiest way to get to Lefkas is via airplane directly to the airport of “Aktion” which is situated merely 20 minutes away from the capital town of Lefkas by bus. If you are in the Greek mainland you don’t need a ferry since the island is connected to the mainland through a bridge, hence you can go there simply by bus or a car. It would also be important to mention that there are boats that connect the island with the northern coast of Kefallinia and other Ionian islands. As far as concerns busses there are several buses per day to/from Athens, and the journey time is about six hours. In Athens the Lefkas bus operates from and to the Kiffisus Bus Station. A taxi between the Kiffisus Bus Station and Athens Airport costs about 35 Euros and takes about 40 minutes. After midnight the fares are more expensive. There is a public bus service between Athens airport and Kiffisus bus station. The route number is 93. Busses depart outside arrivals in the airport every hour and the route lasts one hour, the ticket costs 3 euros. As far as concerns the transportation in Lefkada by Bus, theĀ  KTEL service down the East Coast between Lefkas Town and Nidri is fairly frequent, for the west coast there are no often routes. The Bus Station in Lefkada Town is located to the South of the Marina, approximately 1 km from the town centre. It should be noted also that few busses run from 14.00 to 18.00.

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