Lefkas museums

Archeological museum of Lefkada: It is housed in a building of the cultural center of Chora since 1999. There are 4 rooms with findings from the middle Neolithic times (200.000 – 35.000) until the late Roman times. The prehistoric findings of the middle Neolithic times are edges of spears and axes. The findings from Neolithic times (6800-3200 BC) are fractures of Vases and from the Bronze Age (3200-1100 BC) silver and gold jewelry. In another room there are three sections. The first section has findings from the everyday life of the inhabitants. The second section has findings from the making and consumption of the three basic goods of Ancient Greece (wheat, oil grapes). The third section is dedicated to coin cutting of Hellenistic times (480-30 BC). The forth section displayed objects for fishing, textile making and offerings from the sanctuaries.

Collection of Post Byzantine icons of Eptanissos School: it is housed in a Neoclassical building of the public library of Lefkada and it displays icons from much known painters. The collection also includes some icons from Russian painters of the 19th century and some old books printed in Venice.

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