Lefkas in general

Lefkada has an area of 303 square km and the length of its coastline is 117 km. it is the forth in size island of the Ionian Islands and it is situated 5 nautical miles north of Kefallonia and Ithaka. It is connected with the mainland through a bridge. It has a lengthy shape and its maximum length is 34 km and its maximum width 14 km. The climate is Mediterranean with mild winders and summers with lots of sunshine. Lefkada is famous for its beaches and its top beach is Porto Katsiki.

The island was inhabited since prehistoric times and the first inhabitants of the island were called Leleges. During the third millennium BC commercial relations with Crete existed as well as Cyclades and Troy. Important city of that time was Nyrikos. Around 1300 BC the inhabitants settled more to the east close to the today’s capital. In the middle of the 7th century it was colonized by the Korinthians. It took part in the Persian wars whilst it fought to the side of Korinthos against Corfu (435 BC).This act resulted in pillage by the people of Corfu as well as the Athenians during the Peloponnesian war. In 343 BC the famous orator Demosthenis convinced people of Lefkada to help the Athenians against Philip the second of Macedonia;


Lefkada was finally passed to the kingdom of Epirus and it fought to the side of Macedonians against the Romans but in 197 BC it was conquered by the Roman army. 

Initially it was a part of the province of Achaia. In 887 AD it was an area of the Byzantine theme of Kefallonia. In the Crusaders time (1204 AD) it belonged to Epirus. In 1479 AD it was taken by the Turks and in 1684 by the Venetians. In the Turk – Venetians war it belonged to the Turks (1714-17 AD) but it was the claimed again by the Venetians. In 1797 the French occupy the island and later the Russian – Turk fleet occupies the island. IN 1807 it passes on to France and in 1810 it passes on to England but as part of the Ionian state. IN 1864 it was united with the Greek state. During World War 2 it was under Italian command. Severe earthquakes destroyed the island in 1948, 53 and 2003.

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