Lefkas churches and byzantine monuments

Castle of St Mavras: The Venetian castle is one of the most impressive fortification works in Greece and played an important part to the defense of the island since the 14th century. IN the interior of the castle lies the temple of St Mavra (1888). It was built around 1300 AD in the piece of land that separates Lefkada from the mainland. The population of the city was housed inside the castle until the city was transferred outside. There is a beacon of 1861 that has a height of 6.5 meters on the walls of the castle.

Church of Faneromeni: A male monastery that is considered one of the most representative one of Eptanisos. The monastery in its today’s form was founded in 1734 AD; it was burned and then restructured during the 19th century. The monastery was named after the miraculous icon of Virgin Mary that is a protector of the people of Lefkada. In the monastery there are several facilities such as a priory, a library and in a new building a church museum is housed with exhibits of Church art and tradition.

Monastery of St John the Prodromos: It was founded in 1605 AD and for three centuries it played an important part in the economic and spiritual life of Lefkada. During the 19th century it possessed the biggest number of monks. The today’s catholicon is a one space temple with a wooden ceiling that has frescoes in its interior of the 18th century.

Church of St Minas: It is dated at the beginning of the 18th century and it lies in the center of the city built in baroque rhythm. It has a marvelous wooden temple and icons of important painters of the Eptanisos.

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