Lefkas archeological sites

Ancient Nyrikos: Right between the settlements of Kalligoni, Kariotes and Lygia east of the Chora of Lefkada the excavations revealed ruins of the old Akarnanic city of Nyrikos. Ruins of a wall of Classical times have been found near the village Kalligoni. The wall has 4.5 km length and that area has been declared and archeological area.

Archeological site of Ellomenos: This archeological site spreads from the fields of Nydri to the foot of the mountain Skaros until the position Magemenos, where Early Helladic tombs of the third millennium BC have been found. Ruins of buildings have been discovered there among them a farm house and a mill of the 4th century BC.

The sanctuary of Apollo: In Doukato (Lefkata) cape after the beach of Porto Katsiki ruins of a temple of Apollon have been discovered. The god was worshipped there as a protector of the seamen and to its honor yearly festivities was organized.

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