Kefalonia museums

Nautical and Environmental museum of Fiskardo: The museum was founded in 1999. The visitor can receive information about the history of the island and its natural beauties (caves, beaches, national park). In the museum the visitor can also find the residues of a fighter plane (Bristol Beaufighter type), many species of sea organisms. Also a skeleton of a small whale lies from the ceiling.

Archeological Museum of Argostoli: It was founded in 1957 and full renovated in 1999. In the displays of the first two rooms stone tools and a stone vase of 4500 BC are on display. There are also findings of vaulted tombs of 1750-1000 BC. The second room has findings of Mycenaean era, bronze swords, tomb offerings, amphorae, alabaster, gold necklaces, bronze rings and seals from the big vaulted tomb in Tzannata. In the third room there are vases of classical and Hellenistic times as well as some inscripted tomb columns as well as other findings.

Historic and Folklore museum of Kefallonia: It includes a rich material of archives from the 15th to the 19th century AD as well as some useful information concerning the everyday life of the inhabitants. In the first room there are traditional outfits and a collection of needlework and laces. The next section of the collection includes photos of Argostoli from 1930 and on. In another room there are portraits of important people of Kefallonia and a collection of furniture and several objects of everyday life. Also there is a representation of a bedroom of 1950. There is also a collection of Church artifacts which includes a collection of Post Byzantine icons.

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