Transportation Corfu

The island is connected to mainland Greece through the port of Patra and an 8 hours journey from the ships that travel to Italy. There are also very frequent and economic itineraries from Igoumenitsa port. There is also the option to fly to Corfu. There is 3-4 regular flight a day from Athens and Thessaloniki airport. Once you get to Corfu blue color municipal buses leaving from San Rocco square can get you to the capital and the suburbs. For long distances prefer KTEL buses leaving from the stations at Theotoki Street. Corfu is a large island and renting a car is a good option to get around, calculate around 30 euro for an economy class small car. If you decide to take a taxi all popular routes have fixed fares so you could always ask beforehand what the price will be. Taxis leave from Theotoki Street, San Rocco square and other central places in the town.

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