Corfu churches and byzantine monuments

The old fort: it lies above the square of Spianada and is connected to the city through a bridge which passes over a pit. It was constructed by the Byzantines in the 8th century AD. It took its final form after 1571 AD. In its north side the artificial port Mandraki was created. Inside the fort is one of the biggest churches of Corfu dedicated to St George.

The new fort: The fort of St Marcus is between the old fort and the city port. It was constructed in 1577 AD and it is also surrounded by a pit in its west side. One part of the fort houses the naval station of Corfu and the other part is used for festivities.

Monastery of Virgin Mary Paleokastritsa: it is a male monastery that was founded in 1228 AD but was destroyed several times. It took its today’s form in 1572 AD. The catholicon is of Eptanesian Basilica type. In the monastery there are icons from the Byzantine and Post Byzantine period as well as a collection of sacred books.

Monastery of Pantokrator: A male monastery at the top of the homonymous mountain. It was founded in 1347 AD, destroyed and rebuilt in 1689 AD. It contains in its sacristy gospels, sacred vessels, crosses and ecclesiastical vestments.

Kanoni and Pontikonisi: located 4 km south of the town of Corfu it was named Kanoni (canon) because of the artillery that was placed there by the French in 1798 AD. In front of Kanoni lies the monastery of Vlachernon and opposite to it is the Pontikonisi with the monastery of Pantokrator.

Temple of St Spyridon: The temple of the protector of Corfu is one of the most important Post Byzantine monuments. It lies in the quarter of Kampielo and it was built in 1589 AD by the Venetians. It is a one space basilica with a tower like steeple and a rich temple. In its dome scenes of the miracles of St Spyridon are represented as well as the 4 evangelists. Inside the tempe in a silver cofin lie the relics of the Saint (270-350 AD).In the temple 4 litanies per year are carried out (Palm Sunday, Easter Saturday, 11 August and the first Sunday of November).

Palace of St Michael and George: it is located in the north part of Spianada and it is a monument from the British period. The palace was the residency of the British Ruler and it housed the senator and the Ionian parliament. It was also used as a summer residence of the royal family. Today the building is used to house the historic archive of Corfu, the municipal gallery and the museum of Asian art.

Aggelokastro: it is a byzantine castle in Paleokastritsa hill (330 meters height). Its main gate is an arch and in its internal, remains of several buildings are saved. It offers an exceptional view to the area.

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