Corfu archeological sites

Hill of Mon Repo: The most important sanctuary of the island was at that hill. During the 6 and 7th century BC a large temple was built and additional buildings were built also, it was destroyed by fire but was then rebuilt again. A Dorian temple was discovered (510 BC) that had well preserved Ionic features.

Ancient market in Paleopolis: the center of ancient Kerkyra was at position Paleopoli in the northern part of the peninsula of Kanoni. In Kanoni a small sanctuary of Artemis was also discovered. Beside the market of the ancient city lies the port of Alkinoos. They were all inhibited from the 8th century BC until the 5th century AD.

Temple of Artemis: In the archeological space of Paleopoli lies the temple of Artemis. A part of the stone pediment is saved which is one of the biggest in Greece and is on display in the archeological museum of Corfu. The temple is of Dorian rhythm and has a group of


8 columns in length and a group of 17 columns in width. Today only the foundation pit is saved.

Roman Baths: In several areas of Corfu Roman baths as well as Roman mansions have been excavated. One is located in the settlement of Benitses in a private estate and one other in Skales Arachavis in the north part of the island. The baths in Moraitika are preserved in a reasonably good condition.

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