Shopping in Rhodes

As far as concerns Rhodes shopping, women-in-a-shopping-centerRhodes Town market has a wide variety of items that will attract even the most demanding buyer; from electronics to work of art, from small decorative items of reasonable prices to designer label goods. Further, the jewellery shops are plenty. Rhodes has splendid high qualified and hand made designed gold and silver jewelers decorated with semi precious stones and the prices are much cheaper than back home. Necklaces, crosses, rings, earrings, medallion, silver, Byzantines, frames and diamonds are some of the large range of jewellery at shopper’s disposal in Rhodes market. You can also find top leather goods, furs, shoes and first class rags and carpets (made of silk or wool). The Island is also famous for its umbrellas which come in great colors and designs. The souvenir shops should not be omitted where holidaymakers can buy copies of ancient art, ceramic objects from fussed glass, things for the beach, bags and gloves. Rhodes Town is absolutely the best place on the Island for shopping. The majority of the stores lie within the Old Town. However, Lindos does contain a very good choice of shops.

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