Museums of Rhodes

Archeological Museum of Rhodes: One of Rhodes museums. It is housed in the two story building of the hospital of the knights. It was built in 1489 AD. After the main entrance there is an interior yard with a structural complex of a lion eating his pray and in frond of it is a mosaic floor of the 5th century. In the south east of the room there are iron projectiles for canons. The first floor is of the outmost interest, a sculpture, inscriptions, rodo05anaglyphs, sees from Francs. Next there is a room full of findings of Ancient times with parts of statues dated in the 5th century BC to Roman times. In the garden of the museum there are some sculpture works and a part of a colossal statue. In the first room opposite to the garden there are Hellenistic and roman statues and anaglyphs of big size. The next room contains works of Hellenistic and post Byzantine period as the shameful Venus and the Venus of Rhodes a replica of the known Venus of the third century. See archeological museum of Rhodes on the map here

Byzantine Museum: It is located in the temple of Panagia of the Castle. The temple was built in the 11th century. It is cross shaped with dome. With the arrival of the knights it was converted to a three room basilica whilst in Ottoman times it was converted to a mosque. During the Byzantine period it was the metropolitan orthodox temple and during the Francs period it was the Roman Catholic Metropolitan temple.

Museum of Kastelos: It is housed beside the main south gate of the palace of the Grand Magister, three rooms with frescoes, mosaics and sculptures. From the museum through a big escalator there is access to the palace of the Grand Magister. The museum also exhibits furniture.

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