Rhodes archeological sites

Ancient settlement in Vroulia: Settlement of ancient times with organized urban plan with fortification walls and a cemetery.

Citadel of Rhodes: It did not have a fortification character and it included a series of monuments of helenistic times 3rd to 2nd cenrury BC. In the northern part there was a temple of Athina Poliada and of Zeus Polieas of Dorian rhythm. East and south there were the 4 nymfaia which were underground cave constructions. In south east there was a stadium which has 201 meters length. Parts of the Presidency as well as parts of the stands and the place of the start system are preserved. Some parts of the gymnasium and the library are also preserved.

lindos acropolis

Lindos: The acropolis was an excellent physical fort which had access from the north part. The trail of the today’s visitors is the same with the ancient trail. An escalator leads to the lowest level were the ruins of the government house and the Byzantine temple of St John are found. In 208 BC a Dorian gallery was built from which another ladder starts that leads to the highest level which includes the ruins of the Propylea. There are many bases of statues and inscriptions there. In the south side a temple of Athens of Lindos had been used as a treasury.

Kamiros: A part of the Dorian group of six cities. It had an acropolis of a semi circular shape. In the north side there was the city, in the south side there were the public buildings and the temple of Athene Kamirada, a Dorian 4 column temple. In Kamidos the whole of the settlement as well as the urban structure is preserved. The market the draining system as well as the baths are preserved also.

Ialyssos: Part of the Dorian Group of six cities it has a less impressive acropolis in relation to Lindos and Kamiros of Dorian rhythm. There are ruins of a temple of Apollo and a theater. There is also a big Mycenaean Necropolis.

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