Kos museums

Archeological Museum of Kos: It is housed in a two stories building of Italian Neocolonian rhythm in Eleftheria square. It includes archeological findings that were discovered all over the island from prehistoric times until the roman times. A collection of sculptures is displayed in three large rooms and in the yard. In the yard there is an impressive mosaic that shows Hippocrates who welcomes Asclepios in Kos. Around that mosaic there are several statues, one of these shows Hepocrates and one other the goddess Artemis.

International Hippocrates foundation and museum of Hippocrates: It is near the archeological site of Asclepion and its scope is the continuance of the Hippocrates practices adapted to the modern methods. The building includes labs, library and convention rooms. In the same building the museum of Hippocrates is housed. In the museum there are coins, busts and rare editions of the works of Hippocrates. http://www.ihfk.gr/

Folklore museum of Antimacheia: It is housed in a building of the first half of the second century, built traditionally. The decoration of the museum is a representation of the internal spaces of a Dodecanese house. There is also a traditional windmill opposite to the museum.

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