Other sights of Syros

Settlement of Ano (upper) Syros: Ano Syros is declared a protected historical settlement. There are no vehicles allowed inside. The settlement distance from Ermoupolis is 3,5 km. It is a medieval traditional settlement with buildings built one next to each other forming a circular fortification whilst short alleys cross the settlement. There are two central gates that closed to protect the settlement from attacks.

Ermoupolis city Hall: It is one of the biggest city hall buildings in the country. It was designed by the famous architect Ernest Tsiller which is a representative of Neoclassicism. It was built in 1976-89 at a very high cost. The building has a three story face with a pediment and a view to the square. The building was built with marble and timber from Trieste. There are commercial stores in the basement which is made of marble.

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