Archeological Museum of Syros: It is one of the oldest museums in the country. It was founded in 1834-35 in Ermoupolis and it is housed in 4 rooms of the municipal mansion. IN the first room there are sculptures and tombstones of Hellenistic period. In the second room there are findings of an early Cycladic settlement in Chalandriani, there are vases Cycladic figurines and artifacts that demonstrate the craft activities of the inhabitants. IN the third room there are findings from several islands of the Cycladic complex. In the forth room there is a periodic exhibition dedicated to the archeologist Christos Tsountas and his work as well as an exhibition for the foundation of the museum. There are photographic archives from excavations in Syros and in Chalandriani cemetery showing the tombs that were discovered.

Industrial Museum of Ermoupolis: The first room has objects of Kanaris (the destroyer of the fleet of Turks) and a printing press of a newspaper. The second room has artifacts from the daily economic activity of Syros. The 3rd room has speciments of ship building activity and one impressive wooden replica of a sail ship. The forth room contains industrial machines as well as looms, lathes.

Gallery of Cyclades: It operates in the renovated customs building of the port in beautiful vaulted room. It hosts periodic exhibitions.

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