Churches of Syros

Temple of Agios Nikolaos: The magnificent metropolitan temple in the Vaporia area of Ermoupolis was built in the period 1949-70. It is a 3 room basilica with dome. The marble entrance is decorated by 4 columns, the face of the temple has a pediment and the lateral sides have pilasters with capitals. It has a temple of marble of Penteli and some marvelous frescoes from Greek and Roman painters.

Temple of Evangelistria: built in 1829. It is a 3 room basilica with marble columns that separate each room.

Orthodox Temple of St George and Cemetery: The temple lies near the cemetery; it is a one room basilica. It is the third largest church in Syros. The temple is made of marble and it has a steeple. The cemetery is considered the most important outdoors burial museum in the country, there are some monumental tombs that are decorated with excellent sculptures and classical decorative elements such as meanderings, crown. Some tombs are enclosed in small temples.

Temple of Panagia Karmilos and Catholic Cemetery: The temple was the metropolitan temple of the Catholics until 1639. In the monastery there is a library with excellent books and manuscripts. In front of the entrance of the temple lies the Catholic cemetery with simple monumental graves that belong to important Roman Catholic families of the island.

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