Sifnos museums

Archeological museum of Sifnos: In the historic settlement of Kastro lies the archeologic museum of Sifnos. It is housed in a two stories building that is representative of the traditional Cycladic architecture. It includes archeological findings starting from the third millennium BC up until the Byzantine times. It houses tomb columns, sculptures of Hellenistic and Roman period; also on display are marble and stone vases as well as a coin collection. The coin collection includes bronze and golden coins.

Folklore museum of Sifnos: In the capital of the island Apollonia a folklore museum is operating. It is housed in a simple traditional building. In the museums objects from the everyday life of the residents are displayed. Handmade embroidery, weapons, farm tools, tanning tools and a traditional local outfit can be found there. There is also a large collection of pottery and a collection of the well known made of straw hats. There are also busts of important people of Sifnos and an archive of local newspapers.

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