Sifnos in general

typical house in Sifnos island,Greece

Sifnos is an island of the western Cyclades complex of islands. It lies among Serifos and Kimolos and its distance from them is at about 7 nautical miles. It has a total area of 73 square km. The capital of the island Apollonia is built on three hills around the ancient sanctuary of Apollo. The island has a lengthy shape with a maximum length of 16 km and a maximum width of 8 km. It is a mountainous island that has a total coastline of 70 km.

The first inhabitants of Sifnos were Phynicians, Kares and Peleges and later Cretans. The first traces of human settlement date back to the second half of the third millennium BC. In the end of the first millennium Ions colonized the island. The island was a permanent ally to the Athenians, it had a democratic state and it fought in the naval battle of Salamina. IN 145 BC it was conquered by Romans and with the division of the Roman empire it became a part of the East Roman Empire that later became the Byzantine Empire. IN 1207 AD it was taken by Venetians and in 1269 AD it was claimed back by the Byzantines. In the period 1307 -1537 it was Venetian territory and in 1537 AD it was conquered by the Turks. In 1771-74 the Russians dominated but it was reclaimed by the Ottomans shortly after. The island is a part of the Greek state since its formation.

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