Sifnos churches

There are many old churces. In Apollonia churces worth noting are, the temple of the holy cross, transformation of the savour, Agiou Sosti(with elaborate frescoes), and Virgin Mary Geraniofora.

In Kamares village the monasteries of St Symeon and of Prophet Helias Troulakiou and the temple of St George are all worth noting.

In the road from Apollonia to Artemona the temples of St John and St Antypa are worth noting also.

In Artemona village the churces of Virgin Mary of Kogchi, Ammos and Mpali are worth noting.

In the beach of Platy Gyalos the Monastery of Virgin Mary of the Mountain is notable also.

In the settlement of Faros the church of Virgin Mary Chrysopigi is worth visiting.

Finally in Kastro worth noting are the temples of the Assumption and of St Nicolas.

Monastery of Vryssi and museum of Ecclesial art: The monastery is located 2 km south east of Apollonia. It is a male monastery dedicated to the birth of the Virgin Mary. It was founded in 1642 AD. The catholicon is an excellent specimen of a small cross shaped temple with a dome. IN the internal of the sanctuary an important wooden temple is saved and many icons of the 17-18th century. In the monastery a museum of Ecclesial art is also housed that has a rich collection of important information about the history of the monastery as well as manuscripts, vestments, silver reliquaries, precious icons.

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