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Santorini Weddings planning

A wedding is a ceremony where two people unite in order to seal their love.

It is a promise that they will be there for life, one for another. It is the beginning of a new life in common, where two people are determined to live the joys of life and share it together. It is the happiest moment in the life of a couple and therefore it should be treated as one. It is something special and it needs to be carried out in a special way that will be remembered for life.

One of the best ways to accomplish that is to have your wedding plan in Santorini  a world famous place for its beauty and romance. Let us take care of everything, help you find the best services in the island for hairdressing, make up, dinning, and wedding ceremony, flowers as well as everything else you can thing of for your wedding day. We are a travel guide  therefore we know and co-operate with the best providers on the spot.

Make it special, remembered and something that you will like to talk for many years to come to your friends and grandchildren.

E-mail us your desires and we will take care of the rest, but before you do that read on to get a general view of wedding planning in Santorini

Here is an overview of the wedding planning scenery situation

Marriage and Honeymooning in Santorini

There are a lot of people that look at the beauty and splendor of Santorini and immediately think of honeymoon or wedding. If you want to explore the Santorini weddings that have been done in the past, or you want to plan your honeymoon, you’ll no doubt want to explore what you can do, and what’s best to work with. The following will help you get started, so that you can plan the best ceremony and reception possible, as well as get friends and family to come alongside with you for your nuptials.

Finding A Wedding Planner

If you’re serious about making a commitment, then you will love the options that abound in the area. Finding a wedding planner is easy, and you will no doubt find greatness comes through. There are a lot of solutions to look into in this regards, and finding the right planner can be tough at first glance. Just make sure that you go with an experienced planner that has been helping couples with wedding planning in the area for some time.

Luxury Hotels

The reason why it’s recommended that you go with luxury hotels in the case of wedding planning is simple, they are more likely to have facilities that you are looking for overall. From restaurants, to ball rooms for receptions, and much more, there’s a lot to consider when you’re booking a wedding. Some of the major options to consider in regards to booking include, Pegasus Suites, Aqua Mare, San Antonio, Astarte Suites, Splendour Resort, The Majestic Hotel, La Maltese. These can offer amazing romantic areas, as well as space to book a reception and more. Each one varies in price point, but you will no doubt find something in these luxury spots.

The Ceremony

One of the great things about Santorini weddings is that you can rent out various venues if you need to. If you’re not religious at all, then you can have a civil ceremony just about any place you’d like, including some of the 5 star hotels that are in the area. However, if you are religious, you will find that you will want to go with one of the chapels and churches nearby. There are Greek Orthodox churches around, including some that are bilingual, and will help you get a nice romantic, and religious atmosphere for your wedding. Consider the Cathedral of Saint John The Baptist in Fira, as a major destination.

The above are just a few notes that you will no doubt want to explore when you’re looking at getting married in Santorini. You’ll also find that honeymoon ideas can pop up as you plan with a good planner. Alongside these options, when you book a wedding package, you’ll find that transportation and more will be included when you speak with a professional planner. If you’re doing it all on your own, it’s best to write up a checklist and slow go forward with finding the right options. When in doubt, stick with a 5 star hotel and resort, as they’ll have the most options for both Santorini honeymoon and wedding options.