Museums of Santorini

Archeological museum of Thira: it was founded early in the 20th century in order to house the rich findings that were continuously coming to light during the excavations in 1896. The original building was destroyed by the 1956 earthquake and was replaced by the building that houses the archeological collection, until today. The findings that are exhibited come mostly from the excavations in the ancient town of Thira and its surrounding area. The towns of Thira along with Delos comprise the two most extensively excavated cities of historic times in the whole Aegean area.
            In the first room there are findings of the 8th to the 4th century BC, Ceramics and amphorae of Geometrical decoration. There are also findings of Hellenistic times such as sculptures, busts e.t.c.

Museum of Prehistoric Thira: The museum was inaugurated in the spring of the year 2000. In the 600 square meters (6500 square feet) of the second story of the building there are findings from Akrotiri  and other areas of Santorini that cover the period from the 5th millennium BC to the 17th century BC. The findings are displayed and organized into unities. The first unity gives information about the excavations carried out; in the second unity there is geological information of the island. The third unity contains exhibits of the Neolithic period. The forth unity is divided into seven sub unities that all contain findings from the 17th century BC (the peak of this civilization). Another most important unity is the one that contains frescoes and fragments of Frescoes that were discovered in the houses of Akrotiri. Finally the last exhibit of the museum is a golden ibex an item that shows that Santorini has many more archeological treasures to be discovered.

Nautical museum of Thira: It was founded in 1956. In its ground floor there is some nautical equipment (e.g. compasses) and besides them, there are some paintings which explain how equipment was used. A library of the museum is also in the ground floor. The books form a historic archive from the nautical schools of Syros and Santorini. In the first floor there are parts of sailboats, replicas of Captain’s uniforms as well as portraits of Captains from Santorini. There are also some photos of ship building.

Wine museum of Santorini: The wine museum is a thematic museum that deals with the local way of wine making. It is housed in the underground floor of the winery Volcan Wines in Vothonas. All the exhibits are tools and machinery that were used to make wine during the 18th century

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