Santorini beaches

Red beach: it is located 12 km south west of Fira, it is a peddled beach and it is comprised by red volcanic peddles. It is a beach that gets very busy during the summer months; there are sun beds and umbrellas on offer. After you get to the parking you will have to walk for about 10 minutes in order to access the beach.

Kamari: it is located 10 km south east of Fira, there you can enjoy the black volcanic sand. The area gets busy in the summer. It is an organized beach and there are a lot of hotels and restaurants there.

Perissa: it is located 10 km south east of Fira. It is another black sandy volcanic beach. It is situated next to Kamari but it is not accessible from Kamari. There are plenty of bars and restaurants there and it is an organized beach. You can even have a massage on your sun bed by the massagers that wander around and offer a paid service.

Agios Georgios: it is located 12 km south east of Fira. It is an organized beach near Perissa that offers everything. This beach offers plenty of water sports options such as Jet Ski, water ski, scuba diving and windsurfing.

Cape Columbo: it is located 12 km north east of Fira. It is a quied isolated beach that is formed by the waves and often it gets beated by them.

Monolithos: it is located 7 km east of Fira. It is a beach for families. It has a playground but beware of it when it is windy because the feeling of the sand is unpleasand.

Perivolos: it is located 10 km south of Fira. It is a very long and organized beach. It is the extension of Perissa if you are in the mood for walking. It is an organized beach with plenty of water sports. Windsurfing, scuba diving and Jet Ski are on offer.

Vlychada: It is located 10 km south. It is an organized beach in a fishing village, affected often by strong winds.

Vourvoulos: it is located 4 km north east. It is a quiet sandy beach near the village of Karterados which is very nice. Do avoid this beach if it is very windy because of its large waves.

White beach: it is located 13 km south west. It is next to the popular red beach. It is surrounded by white rock formations by which, it took its name. It is a quit beach with some umbrellas, you have to walk past the red beach to get there.

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