Oia Santorini Greece and Hotel Accommodation

Things To See and Do In Oia village

When visiting Greece, you are no doubt going to want to look into the Oia Greece. This small village is going to absolutely give you a beautiful view of the country’s compelling resources. The area is known for being a little less crowded than other villages in the area. You’ll find that at first glance, it may seem a bit small, but there’s a lot to explore in a small area. What you’ll find is several points of interest, restaurants, guided tours, shopping areas, and much more. With that in mind, consider a few notes on what to see and do if you find yourself traveling to this amazing locale.

The Views of Ammoudi

All it takes is one look at the sunrise or sunset in Ammoudi to absolutely make you fall in love with the region. When you’re in Oia, make sure that you look to find this port. You’ll find that the fishing here is delightful, and you’ll find small boats throughout, as this harbor is one of the busy areas. However, you’ll find that there’s a lot of small shops, and eateries to explore. You can even take a touring boat that will help you see the fishing elements up close and personal. Take a small trip from Ammoudi to Thirasia and see why so many make it a point to spend a great deal of time in this natural wonder.

The Food

When you’re traveling through Greece, you will no doubt want to taste the amazing food that comes from the region. With that in mind, make sure that you set your eyes on several restaurants that will absolutely thrill. For instance, you’ll want to consider Katina when going to Ammoudi, as it will give you an incredible meal with a view of the water’s edge. Another option is that of Karma, which has a lot of ambience, giving you a royal treatment when you’re looking for cuisine. Furthermore, make sure that you consider Krinaki, Skala, and Melenio as a few other restaurants that will no doubt introduce you to the amazing flavors that are sewn throughout the region.

The Wine

One of the most iconic things that you can do when traveling to Oia is to take a sunset tour. That’s right, take a tour with someone you love, and get a sense for sunset on the waters, and of course enjoy the wine. The wine in this region is distinctive and will absolutely stun even the hardest of critics to please. Enjoy a guided tour, and see why so many venture forth for a little romance while on the waters near Oia’s ports. Some of the many Hotels in Oia will have amazing wine, so booking will give you an upper hand.

As you can see there are some great things to see and do in Oia village. Of course, these are just the tipping point, there’s a lot more to explore and see as you take time to traverse the Greek isles. This is just one of the many solutions you’ll no doubt find to be compelling, especially in these modern times. Whether you’re staying a short time or for an extended vacation, this is one spot you don’t want to miss out on. Before booking Santorini hotels Oia, make sure you take time to explore options.

The best hotels in Oia Santorini Greece

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