Best Hotels in Santorini Greece

4 Great Places To Stay In Santorini

When it comes to traveling through Greece, you are no doubt going to want to look into accommodations. Whether you want to spend a small amount of time traveling, or an extended period, you’ll no doubt need a hotel. If you are looking at luxurious items, or perhaps the best reviewed of the options, you’ll want to isolate the best. The following are 4 top Santorini hotels to stay at when visiting Santorini and will absolutely showcase why this is a travel destination that is on the top 10 list of many people today.

Aroma Suites

This is a quiet southern hotel that is located in Fira. When you get here, you’ll find that it’s a nice boutique hotel, with a lot of promise. The views are what sells this place, and the price tag is far less than you may expect for what you will get. If you’re looking for luxury, and comfort, here is a spot that deliver with incredible views of the water and skyline.

Porto Fira Suites

Another breathtaking option, you’ll find that this opens up the doors to modernism amidst the cultural leanings of Greece. Imagine opening up your balcony doors and enjoying a nice meal, while the wind and the sun comes through, and then take on an adventure through the streets of Fira, and see the sights around town. This is a well-reviewed, luxury solution that will definitely allow you to get a taste for the greatness that comes with traveling through the region.

The Atlantis Hotel

THIs is an older hotel, built in the in early 1950s, but it has been modernized in a lot of different ways. You will find that the overlooks here are second to none. Some call it a regal building, and others just love the views that you get from many of the options. If you’re looking for a good, friendly, 4-star hotel, this is definitely one that is hard to beat, especially with the overlooking windows and vantage points throughout the building.

Kirini Suites and Spa

Here is perhaps the most compelling of places to stay in the area, and it’s going to absolutely change how you see Santorini. This hotel is a 5 star rated hotel with suites, terraces, and perches that overlook the Aegean Sea. If you wanted luxury, this is the one to pick, especially if you are going to be staying for a while. The architecture alone makes this one of the best picks that you can select, but it’s the reviews that really set this option apart, giving you a beauty that is not often seen with a lot of solutions today.

There are some great Santorini hotels, spas, and more to consider, but the above 4 are among the best, and most often reviewed. You could also look into Skyfall Suites, Pegasus Suites, Cosmopolitan Suites, and Chromata as well. Simply put, if you’re going to spend time in Santorini, you might as well ensure that you are staying in some of the Best Santorini hotels, and these are just a handful of the luxurious solutions nearby.

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