Paros museums

Archeological museum of Paros : It contains a large collection of some of the most beautiful species of Cycladic art. It consists of 3 rooms (A,B,C) with remarkable exhibits. In room C there are chronologically ordered artifacts from 5300 – 4500 BC of Neolithic age until the roman times. Also there are finding of the Neolithic settlement of Saliago , stone tools pottery and grave finding from the area of Kastro. There are also some world known marble figurines plastira type. In display stands there are some vases of geometrical period and also some vases of Corinthian Rhythm, also there are some inscribed columns. Just outside room B there are some vases of Hellenistic period and some statue parts. In room A there is one of the beautiful ancient greek statues. Outside in the museum yard are some large scale exhibits.

Byzantine gallery of Mardisas and Naousas : The temple of Metamorphosis of the savour is a typical example of Cycladic temple. It contains one hundred icons of post-byzantine period 16-17th century AC. Another collection of post-byzantine icons is housed at the temple of St. Athanasios in Naoussa , several paintings , sacred vessels, frescoes and engravings are also there.

Church museum of Ekatontalyliani (100 Gates):In the temple of Ekatontalyliani there is a museum with artifacts from the temple itself as well as artifacts from othet temples . There are also icons, wooden sculptures, ecclesiastical relics, works of crafting and icons of the cretan school. The most famous icon is of Panagia Ekatontalyliani. There are also icons from icon laboratories of other Aegean islands as well as icons from local laboratories.

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