Churches and byzantine monuments in Paros

In the road from Parikia to Naoussa , a Christian church of 6th century AC has been excavated. Also the church of St John near Tsilido has preserved an important part of its frescoes date on the 14th century AC. Only in parikia there are 40 churches with a dome without roof tiles. The most ancient of these churches is St Mary of the cross (1514 AC) and the most elegant is St Constantine in kastro.

Panagia Ekatontapyliani ( Virgin Mary of 100 gates): The tradition says that the church was founted when the ship tha carried St Helen to Jerusalem has aground in Parikia.The church was build by 6th century AC probably by architect Ignatius, the architect cooperated with the architects that built Agia Sophia at Constantinople ( Anthemius and Isidorus). A previous temple of 4th century AC existed in the same spot , large additions were made to the temple because of earthquakes so its initial form was altered giving the temple the classic look of a cycladic church. Restoration work by Professor Orlandos gave the temple its initial Ioustinian form of art.

Castle of Antiparos: The castle of Antiparos located in the center of todays settlement was built in 1440. Its aim was to house and protect the residents of the island. It consists of 3 stories high houses in a formation of a square that create a yard in the middle, in the center of the yard there is a tower.

Castle of Naoussa port : Small castle built for the protection of the port by the lord of the island named Sommarina.

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