Winery & gastronomy Naxos

The livestock and agricultural production is highly developed in Naxos island. Naxos potato has delicious taste. Dairy products acquire fame throughout the whole of Greece. Locals produce a variety of cheeses such the famous Naxos gruyere , arseniko, anthotyro and xynomizythra. Naxos cuisine impresses with its variety and originality having endless flavor surprises: ‘Pentarates potatoes’, ‘kalogeros’ (calf with eggplants and local cheese) pasta with lobster, rabbit lemon sauce, coq au vin, grilled octopus, lamb stuffed with liver, cheese and spices at Easter and Kydonopasto from the sweet cuisine. At feasts, marriages and baptisms, locals serve the traditional ‘kitro’ which is one of the most famous Greek liqueurs.

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