Churches in Naxos

Monastery of Panagia Ypsilotera: It is located North East of Chora in small distance from Galini Village lies this fort monastery built arount 1600 AD. It was initially a castle. You can see the high wall and the crenellations, whilst frescoes on the ceiling of the catholicon of the monastery are preserved.

Panagia Drossiani: It lies near the village Moni it was constructed during the 6th century AD. It is famous for its well preserved frescoes which are dated in the 6th century AD. The postures and the clothing of the figures drawn remind frescoes in Ravenna Italy.

Monastery of Fotodotos Christ: It was built during the 8th century AD from the Byzantine empress Eirini of Athens and it is the most ancient in the island. It is outside the village of Panakos in the eastern side of Naxos. Its architecture makes it unique of its kind in the Cycladic space. In the 14-15th century it was converted to monastery whilst since 1509 AD it belongs in the jurisdiction of the Patriarchate of Constantinople.

Panagia Protothroni: It is a Sanctuary of the 9th or 10th century. It is the biggest Byzantine church on the island. It lies in the village of Chalkio. It was reformed in the 16th and 17th century. It contains inside 5 consecutive layers of fresco from early Christian to late and post Byzantine period.

In a room besides the temple a small church museum is housed with icons of the 6th , 7th , 9th , 12th century. In Chalkia village also lies the Byzantine temple of Saint George Diasporitis of the 11th century with rich fresco decoration.

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