Milos winery and gastronomy

Milos Island has its own production in cheeses, meat, fish, honey, vegetables and oil. The most demanding guests would be impressed by the simplicity, originality and variety of Milos cuisine. Milos is famous for its lobsters. Pasta with lobster is honoured at many restaurants on the Island. The meat specialties are numerous. Lamb baked with tomato paste, rooster in wine sauce and many more. ‘Ladenia’ a perfect no cheese pizza with onion and fresh tomato is another specialty. Visitors should not miss to taste the traditional ‘pitarakia’ (fried pies filled with local cheese, onion and mint) and finish their meal with a watermelon pie (a traditional sweet made of watermelon, cinnamon, honey and sesame) or the spoon sweet ‘koufeto’ (traditional sweet offered in weddings made from white cucurbit, honey and almonds). The domestic productions (started in 1999) of wines from the varieties grown in the Island (serfiotiko, savvatiano and madilaria) accompany Milos food specialties.

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