Milos museums

Archeological museum of Milos: it is housed in Plaka in a Neoclassical building, built by the German architect Ernest Ziller. The collection of the museum which started its operation in 1985 includes findings from prehistoric till Roman times. In the beginning of the Museum we can see sculptures of Hellenistic times and one solar clock. IN the reception of the museum there is the copy of Aphrodite of Milos, there are also tools and vases from Fylakopi as well as a golden mask. There are also some tombs inscriptions and sculptures of Hellenistic and Roman times. There are also a large number of clay plates that have some mythological and everyday scenes painted on them.

Church Museum of Milos: it is housed in the temple of the Holy Trinity in aclose distance from Adamas. It operates since April 2000 and the visitor can find there speciments of the hagiography tradition of the island. A big part of the wooden temple is dated at the end of the 17th century probably from the lab of Emmanuel Skordilis. In the south part of the temple there is an icon of Jesus Christ in a throne of Gothic rhythm, which is a creation of the Cretan school of icons of the 17th century. There are remarkable sacred vessels as well as some golden offerings as well as a wooden part of a boat that depicts Virgin Mary and Child. Visit online.

Folklore Museum of Milos: It was founded in 1967 and it is housed in a sizeable mansion of the 19th century. It includes objects of Folklore art, historic documents, old books, weaving, embroidery, decorative plates and paintings. The rooms of the museum are representations of traditional rooms of houses of Milos such as bedroom, kitchen etc.

Mining Museum of Milos: it is housed in a new building in Adamantas. It started to operate in 1998. It presents the rich mining and geological history of the island as well as its contribution to the economy of the island. There are speciments of minerals, tools, uniforms, pictures. The museum also hosts periodic exhibitions. Visit online.

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