Accommodation in Milos

Milos Island offers gorgeous rooms, apartments, traditional houses and hotels. The prices are reasonable. Of course differences might be worth noticing but the high quality of services and hospitality is the starting point. Moreover, the closeness to the sea, cleanliness and silence could be some characteristics that distinguish the rooms which are offered. Visitors should consider that early booking is recommended in high season period (July and August). Hotels, rooms and apartments are mostly available in Adamas, Plaka and Pollonia but a few accommodations can be found in Tripiti and Plakes. The rooms (Tel. 0030-2287023429) and hoteliers (Tel. 0030-2287023985) association as well as the travel agencies are able to serve all needs. There is also a well organized camping ( at Achivadolimni area for the nature lovers (Tel. 0030-2287031410).

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