Ios winery and gastronomy

Ios Island has to offer many gastronomical delicacies. The traditional Cycladic cuisine of Ios is based on pure ingredients as the olive oil, fresh fish and vegetables, cereals and legumes. Chick balls are a characteristic delicacy of Ios cuisine, (known as ‘revithokeftedes’ in the Greek language). Further, the sun dried picarels accompanied with ouzo is another specialty of Ios cuisine. Visitors should not miss to taste Ios local meats and cheeses. The local cheeses of ‘xino’ (it is a very soft white cheese) and ‘skotiri’ (it is a ‘mizithra’ cheese mixture with herbs) are produced in ‘Homer’s Island. The traditional sweets of Ios are extremely tasty. ‘Pasteli’ (a sweet made of sesame and local honey), the ‘Amigdalota’ (sweets made of grated marzipan, eggs, sugar flavored with rose water), the ‘Melitinia’ (small pies stuffed with sweet mizithra cheese and flavored with mastic) should be tasted. Grapes are grown on Ios Island, so visitors should try some of the local wines.

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