Ios museums

Archeological Museum of Ios: It lies in the capital of the island and it is housed in Amoiradakeio mansion one of the few Neoclassical buildings of the country. The museum occupies the total of the first floor of the mansion. The organization of the display of the findings according to the modern museum perception and the rich material that accompanies the displayed items help the visitor to understand the way of life of Ios from Prehistoric to Roman times. The exhibits are presented in 4 rooms. In the first room a small exhibition of photographic material showing the natural environment and the history of the archeological research is presented. The remaining part of the room is dedicated to the Early Bronze age (3rd millennium BC) with findings from Skarkos area. In displays there are Cycladic figurines with deductive shapes. In other displays there are findings related to stone art, stone vases with remains of red color which was used from the inhabitants to paint their skin and face.

The second room hosts two large displays containing findings of the Middle and Late Cycladic period. These are a burial stone and the offerings to the dead as well as bronze weapons and some beauty materials.

The remaining rooms host findings from the Archaic period till Roman times that come from the ancient town of Ios in the location of the todays Chora. There are archaic vases, small parts of Frescoes, inscriptions and sculptures. The museum also hosts periodic exhibitions.

Museum Jan Mari Dro: it was founded in 1993 and hosts the collection of the art collector Jan Mari Dro. It contains sculptures, sketches, paintings and some of his personal items.

Theater Odysseas Elytis: In the position of Tsoukalarias in Chora (the capital) a theater of stone with circular shape was inaugurated in 1997. It was built as an ancient theater. At that theater during the summer months cultural events are organized such as concerts and theatrical and dance performances.

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