Ios churches

There are numerous churches in the island totaling a number of 365. The temples of Saint Irene of the 17th century AD and of St George which stand about in the middle of the itinerary from Gyalos to Chora are worth mentioning. Also a temple that is dedicated to the birth of the Virgin Mary in the settlement of Agia Theodoti is worth mentioning. In Ios a part of the monastery of Panagia Chozoviotissa was operating and that was referred in a document of 1579 AD, In Ios also a Catholic temple of the Crispi dynasty was operating, but its internal is in a bad condition. In Paleokastro there is the Virgin Mary of Paleokastritsa and the walls of a Byzantine fort. In the top of the hill of Chora lies the temple of the Assumption very close to the remains of the Venetian castle.

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