Folegandros transportation

Folegandros is accessible by boat from the port of Piraeus. There are speedboats setting off from Piraeus that reach the island in 3, ½ to 4 hours. Conventional ferries take much longer, sometimes even 11 hours. There are also local itineraries connecting Folegandros with neighbouring islands Thera, Anafi, Therasia, Ios Sykinos, Naxos, Paros, Syros, Kythnos and Kea.

Moving around the island can take place via bus as there are itineraries connecting the port of Karavostasi with Chora and Ano Meria. It must be noted that there is always correspondence with the arriving ferries at anytime. There is also taxi service available as well as car and motorbike rental offices. The island however is relatively small and moving one’s way around can be easily done with a bicycle. Finally there are small boats setting off from Karavostasi and Agkali headed towards the southern beaches of the island and if the weather allows, all-day trips around the island are also organized.

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