Folegandros archeological sites

Chrysospilia cave: it is located northeast of the island and it has a length of 330 meters. In the internal of the cave some pieces of ancient vases have been found and hundrends of inscriptions are carved in its walls. In the inscriptions names of young people are mentioned something that leads us to believe that it was a place of adulthood.

Area of Ancient Capital: Apart from the relics of Early Cycladic settlements in the position Kastellos, the most important findings come from the area of Chora (the capital) where the ancient capital was. In higher ground in chora some relics of a citadel have been found with fractures of vases from various time periods. Also inside the today’s cemetery there are some relics of a wall of Hellenistic period.

Castle of Chora: The castle inside which the today’s settlement is developed was built in the 13th century AD. The fortification is formed by the outer walls of the residencies combined with the natural environment. The settlement has preserved a large part of its initial form and it is characterized a preserved settlement.

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