Rethymno museums

Archeological museum of Rethymno: The first collection was exhibited in 1888 AD. During 1950-90 the museum was housed in Lotzia* and then in Fortenza*(*see churches and Byzantine monuments section). Today the museum is housed in the former prisons. There are findings from Neolithic to Roman times. Findings from the cave of Geranou dated in 6800-3200 BC are on display also, among them there are clay figurines, hand made vases and tools made of stone and bones. There are findings of Minoan and Mycenaean times from Monastiraki and Apodoulou mansions. Mycenaean exhibits like bronze weapons, tools, clay tools, jewelry are on display there also, these items come from the cemetery of Armenon. Also exhibits of Roman times as well as a rich coin collection with bronze coins of Ancient Mythimna and other towns are on display in the museum along with some inscriptions from Eleftherna.

Church Museum of Rethymno: In the offices of the town’s metropolitan temple there is a church museum which operates since 1984. The museum houses exhibits of the 19th and 20th century. Metallic plates, cherubs, priestly utensils, embroidered vestments, gold dipped lamps and a collection of old coins are all included in its collection.

Museum of Potamianos: In Zoniana settlement there is a museum of waxwork that shows important personalities ( made of wax) but it also shows some representations of historic events.

Municipal Gallery: The Gallery is located near the archeological museum in a Venetian Casstle in the heart of the city. The collections was formed by donations and is comprised of 300 works that belong to modern Greek painters that represent works by contemporary Greek artists of the main currents of the second half of the second century. The gallery also organizes temporary exhibitions.

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