Rethymno churches and byzantine monuments

Fortezza: In the old city on the hill Paleokastro lies the Venetian polygonal fort of Fortezza. It was built in 1537-80. The walls were inclined in order to ostracize the enemy fire without ruining the walls. One of the most impressive buildings of the fort is the bastion of St Nicolas and the orthodox church of St Theodore of Trichinas as well as the Episcopal mansion.

Lotzia: This historic building is located close to the Venetian port. It was a place of gathering of the Nobles in order for important decisions to be made. It was built in 1538-40 from the famous architect Michele Samicheli, many building in the city have his signature.

Rimondi fountain: It was built in 1626 AD, it lies in the old town in Platanos square and it has three lion shaped taps as well as some capitals of Corinthian rhythm.

Rousospitiou Fountain: It is located in the settlement of the same name, 9 km from Rethymno. The village preserves many buildings of Venetian times. The tap has the shape of a lion head.

Monastery of Arcadiou: it is located 22 km south west of Rethymno, in 1572 AD a two spaced catholicon of western rhythm was built and in 1670-1714 the rest of the buildings were constructed. The monastery flourished during the 18th century, in its yard then there were many pottery labs as well as some labs that copied old manuscripts. Today there is a museum that operates in the monastery.

Monastery of Preveli: it is located 37 km south west of Rethymno and it has a view to the sea. There are two monasteries that have a 3 km distance. The first monastery is abandoned and the second is dedicated to St John Theologos. The time of building is unknown. The year 1594 is carved in one of the bells. In the monastery there are relics of the Greek revolution, sacred vessels and Post Byzantine icons.

Monastery of Arsaniou: it is located 12 km east of Rethymno. It is dedicated to St George. The first written source that mentions the monastery is dated back to 1605 AD. The monastery housed a museum and an exhibition centre open to visitors.

Monasterty of Asomaton: It was built during the 13th century,and it played an important part in the Greek revolution, it was therefore destroyed many times by he Turks. It is located 5 km from Amario.

Monastery of Virgin Mary Antifonitria: The monastery is located in the centre of the settlement Myriokefala. Its catholicon is shaped as a cross with a dome. It’s internal is painted with two layers of frescoes dated in the 11th and 13th century.

Monastery of St Eirini: It is located 5 km from Rethymno. It is a female monastery and one of the oldest in the island, it flourished during the 14th century. The nuns have created a craft centre in the monastery creating remarkable weaving and embroidery which are displayed in an organized manner.

Assumption of Virgin Mary Roustika: IT is a two spaced temple that was built in 1391 AD. It houses frescoes with rare scenes, unique in Byzantine hagiography.

Lady of Angels: A three spaced temple that was built during Venetian times from members of the Dominican order.

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