Lasithi churches and byzantine monuments

Church of Panagia Kyra: IN the settlemened named Kritsa there is one of the most important Byzantine churches of Greece with excellent and well preserved painting decoration. It is a three part basilica with frescoes of 13-14th century in its central part. In its side parts there are frescoes that have as a theme the Second Advent.

Monastery of Toplos: One of the most important and wealthiest monasteries, it looks like a fort. It was founded in 1350 AD and renovated during the 15th century. In 1646 it was pillaged by the Turks. Its main part is 800 square meters and includes monk cells, guest houses and warehouses. In the monastery the is the icon of Praise the Lord (1770) of Ioannis KOrnaros. Inside the monastery there is also a museum with icons of the 15-18th century of the Cretan school of icons.

Monastery of Kapsa: it is positioned in the settlement Kalo Nero; it is a male monastery dedicated to the St John the Prodromos. It was founded in the 15th century AD but was desserted because of Turk’s attacks. In the 19th century Josef Gerontogiannis was a monk there and he healed sick people, with the contributions of the healed he built the monastery. In the monastery there is an icon of the 15th century that shows the beheading of St john the Prodromos.

Monastery of Kroustalenia: It is dedicated in the assumption. It was founded in the 13th century (1241). It was deserted in 1363 AD when the Venetians order the suspension of habitation in the plateau. It was rebuilt in the 16th century and it was burnt in 1823 by Hasan Pasa. It was finally rebuilt in 1947.

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